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    Default Honda shadow vlx 600

    What is the best year for the vlx600?

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    Couldnt tell you for sure, But I found some forums specific for them and harvested some useful data off them
    for several I had at one time. Got one from a friend in mid to late 1990s that had 300 original miles and was
    wrecked, he got it at auction for $200, He traded me for some work on his Triumph. Had 2 others as well.

    My impression is they are pretty good overall, But they had some issues. Nothing impossible but you have to research
    this. Some have a really shitty charging system and some tricks to get them to work right as well as avoid expensive repairs

    the other is the Carb models are a serious PIA to service the carbs if they sit... Being a V twin the carbs are situated BETWEEN the cyls and the most complicated VM carbs you ever saw or worked on. The EFI versions are equally complicated.
    So, my attitude is make a inlet manifold and run a single carb off to the side like a HD,. Something simple like a VM Mikuni round slide or one of the new flat slides.

    Used prices tend to be really cheap because no one wants to work on them and finding a shop to do so is hard and tends to be expensive if you can find someone. But if a DIY kinda person, They are pretty good bikes, Used parts are cheap as well.
    Used to be when HDs were expensive, lot of people picked them up as a cheap rider, ol lady scoot or a loaner for when friends came over. But now you can buy a used Evo Sporty so cheap, the Hondas are not as popular.

    The reason they are 600cc is because of import tariffs. So they purposely made them smaller.

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