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    Default 16' 883 handlebar pod removal

    Hey everyone,

    Been cruising chopcult for a while but became a member recently. I have been looking all across the interwebs for any kind of diagram that shows what wire is for what that comes out of the pods on the handlebars. I have a wiring diagram from clymer/haynes but nothing is indicated on what they are for. Any help/direction on where this can be found would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    You can find cheap CD and USB flash drive copies of the factory service manual, electrical diagnostic manual and parts catalog on Ebay.

    If you get a file on USB, back it up. Flash drives aren't forever. Any data you don't back up, you want to lose.

    Don't try to get by with non-factory books. They suck. That's why the standard warning is get the factory service and EDM manuals and parts catalog. They will save you far more than they cost.

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