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Thread: Trans again...

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    Default Trans again...

    Alright, so one more.

    Got most of the trans assembled and ready to jam. Kicker cover is on and working, sprocket, bearing plate, hub assembly, etc...

    I'm about to button everything up and get it in the frame. Here's my thing though...the clutch pushrod comes out only to the very end of the nut. It looks just like's not my pic but it looks exactly the same. This is with the clutch lever pulled all the way.

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    I didn't have time to adjust the pressure plate and adjusting screw, I'll be doing that tomorrow but when I loosely sat the plate on there, it just seemed like there was too much slop in the lever to actually hit the rod. What do you think? I have the old style liberty bell bearing. Is this something I can adjust at the pressure plate or is the rod the wrong length. I measured it a few days ago and will do it again tomorrow morning to confirm but if I recall correctly it's just shy of 14".

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    Got it sorted and got this thing done. Looks like it should be ready to rip. Still need to drop in some bolts and shit this weekend but the trans and clutch assembly are on and functioning. It kicks and ratchets back, the clutch actuates, and I bench tested the shifting with a drill...smoothes through all 4.

    Learned a lot of shit over the past week about what fits and what works with what. Learned a ton about different years, changes, and fitments. Appreciate all the help I've gotten here. Getting into the motor next week, I'm sure I'll be back with questions. If it helps someone in the future, I'm all about it and I'll keep posting pics of shit for reference.

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