This is where you talk about American-made motorcycles: all brands, all eras, all models. Including Sportsters (which we know from polling data makes up about 60% of ChopCult members of any age or riding experience... so yeah, you're in the right place.)

General Build and fabrication threads are encouraged, whether it be you're hard-tailing your Shovelhead or molding the neck and tank on your stretched and de-raked Pan build. Like wise, Simple Modification threads are permissible. We have a very wide level of experience, from beginner to seasoned grey-beards here. But if you start a thread titled "I just bought a 2000 Sportster, how do I change the seat?" expect that thread to be combined with a like MINOR MODIFICATIONS thread as we see fit. As beginner bikes go, the Sportster is a terrific choice, but generally speaking the modification you're thinking of, or looking for, has probably already been covered in a prior thread and starting another "seat modification" or "what oil do I used in my 98' 883 Hugger" does nothing but push the true build threads / tech threads into oblivion. There's a big difference between building and modifying, so take the time to utilize the SEARCH feature and read through related topic threads before starting a new one. If you find yourself wading through endless threads on minor beginners "no question is a dumb question" topics, realize that is what we're attempting to address here. To simplify the modification questions into a general thread and emphasize the true build threads where you could learn something other than bolting on a new pair of grips (P.S., you don't bolt on grips...)

General comments and questions about all things "chopper" go in the Main Forum. If you just want to show off some new parts or maybe some new paint on your Sportsters, look at adding those to a PICTURE thread that's already established; Pics of Riders on Bikes, etc. etc. If you're asking a question about a product, "Thinking of buying a Lowbrow Alien tank for my Sportster, anyone run one of these?" (again) use the SEARCH feature, you'll find what you're looking for and/or you can add your query to an already established thread.


"Who knows how to weld?" doesn't belong here. If it shows up, we'll move it.

Tech info, step-by-step build summaries with words and pictures and model-specific questions and commentary on American iron go here.


"How-To: Adjust valves on a '77 Shovelhead"

"HELP: Looking for tips and photos on switching to a belt drive"

"I built my Harley for $77. Here's how"

As always, pictures are a key part of creating successful threads. Be generous and take more than you think is necessary for your build thread because inevitably, you're going to get that reply in your thread that always seems to ask for more pictures or a different angle...