You can refresh your knowledge of the overall forum rules here if they are unclear, or you've never seen them:

The JP is a special spot on here because it gives members a place to talk about non-motorcycle-related topics, something a lot of other forums avoid because of the way threads about religion, politics, etc often get mean and pointless. Please note and appreciate this.

The Junk Pile is not an entitlement, and I don't personally owe anyone the right to speak their mind and like any business can refuse service to anyone. We are pretty lax about moderation (especially in this forum) because none of us like the idea of babysitting grown men and because we have faith in this community. The people here have done a lot of good stuff; from organizing events, to fundraisers for fallen members to tech advice and all kinds of inspirational build threads, etc.

The main point to take from the overall forum rules is this one:
4. Manners & Thick Skin.
Personal attacks on members will not be tolerated. Dissenting opinions and robust debate are encouraged, but show other CC members some respect. There is a line where funny smart ass turns into lame and annoying, try to find that line and stay on the good side of it. If mods get legit complaints or see behavior that is out of line, you may get your post deleted, you may catch a PM asking you to mellow out or you may just find out that you've been deleted. This is at the mods discretion. Consider it like a bar, it's there for you to have a good time but you punch someone and you are going out the curb head first. This is a tight community and there is no reason to take yourself so serious. So, if you've got a massive ego or thin skin, you should probably stick to lurking or go elsewhere. If you see someone going too far, try to help get the thread back on track yourself or let Allen, CrFyou, Lisa or I know and we'll handle it. We are very light on moderation and want to keep it that way but will not tolerate abusive behavior to other ChopCult Members.

It's impossible for us to police every thread every day. In fact, I'd rather shoot myself in the face rather than go through every single thread hunting down offenders and sending out nasty PM warnings. As a result, plenty of things go unnoticed and unmoderated. Don't take this as a lack of caring, take it as our confidence in you as members of the community to do the right thing and treat each other with some respect even if you strongly disagree with someone else's point of view, opinion, style, politics, whatever. Just have your say and then move on and if you can't debate in an adult fashion either avoid the thread, the Junk Pile or ChopCult all together. This goes for long time members as well as noobs.

It is supposed to be fun. Don't fuck that up.

Genitalia pictures, No. European Rules: T&A ok. If you're still confused or unclear, ask Allen first.