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    Default Shovelhead no spark. Help!

    Hey guys,

    I am getting close to finishing my new build and first shovelhead, but I can't get any spark, I'll provide all the detail I can below. Bike was running well at the beginning of the winter. Any help is appreciated

    1982 FXE Shovelhead, dual plug heads (only running one side), Dyna S ignition. Electric & Kick start
    I have two wires going to the coil from the module, white & blue, each going to one terminal on the coil. The top terminal has the blue wire from the module and had a red wire coming off (which I have removed, assuming it was for the tach)
    The bottom terminal has the white wire from the module, and another white wire (which I assume is power, and I have going to the "I" post on the key switch)
    I tested the coil by disconnecting the Dyna S wires and measuring between each post, this produced about 5 ohms. So the coil is good?
    New plugs, new wires, all the connections are solid.

    When I turn the key on and measure the coil terminals (positive lead on one post, negative lead on engine case for ground) I get between 11 and 12 volts on both sides. This doesn't change if i turn the engine over slightly and measure again. One of the posts should be dropping to 0 correct? I am thinking this is why I don't have spark?
    The engine will crank freely, but no spark. Am I wiring something wrong, or do I have a bad part? I can't think of how the module or coil would have gone bad over the winter, bike was running fine before.
    Is there a way to test the ignition module to see if that is the problem? Does there have to be a ground connection for the ignition?

    Thanks in advance

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    somebody can correct me if im wrong,been awhile since i messed with mine.

    the dyna s is dual fire so it will fire both plugs every time,spark on one plug is just wasted. so that may be why your getting fire to both terminals.

    my dyna s was fine one day and toast the next.

    i assume you still have mechanical advance? or at least my dyna s did.

    what i did to diagnose is install a mechanical breaker plate and points and condensor. bike fired rite up. tossed dyna s in the garbage.

    you can get a points set up for prob less than 50$.even if you dont run the points its nice to have as a tool to check your electronic iggy.

    lots of good vids on youtube about how to install and time a points set up.

    i ended up leaving my points in and have been happy with them. i dont know why but electronic shit is always failing on me so anytime i can eliminate it i do.

    also make sure your wires going to your dyna s are in good shape,they can get pinched in places or cracked where they go thru the bottom of nose cone.

    let us knoa what you find out!

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    From reading your post, the whole mess neds to be ground. If all you did was remove the Red Wire, reconnect the rRed wire. See what she does then.

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    I ran some more tests tonight:

    The resistance is good between the two poles of the coil. But I don't get any reading from the plug leads (tried putting one probe in each, one in lead and one on the + terminal) I'm not sure if I am testing this right?

    When I remove the blue wire from the coil and connect it to the negative lead on the meter, positive lead on the powered terminal of the coil, I get a reading of about 5v, this jumps to 12v when I pass the sensor over the magnet manually on the module. This is closer, but I should be have a reading of 0 volts jumping to 12 correct? Where are the 5 volts from?

    Any ideas?

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