Whats up guys, finally decided to fix my sporty.

So here is the whole story.

I find this sporty on local classifieds, guy is asking $3000 for a 1988 883cc sporty.

The bike wasnt properly winterized and when he turned the fuel on the carb was puking gas.

I knew nothing about carburetors and neither did he. The thing wouldnt shift into neutral either, dead battery so it was never started.

So I was able to snatch up the bike for half of what he was asking.

When I get it home I was trying to get the thing into neutral and the shifter gets super loose all of a sudden.

Turns out between that guy and myself stomping on the shifter it broke the shifter off the shaft.

So I order a manual(clymers not harley) and order the correct parts and got to work.

I got into the transmission just fine, replaced the shaft and put the primary back together, all torqued down correctly, adjusted the primary chain and clutch.

Then I got the carb cleaned up, no more leaking fuel.

So now basically I cant get the bike into neutral. Its super intermittent, sometimes the neutral indicator light works sometimes it doesnt, most of the time when the light does work the bike isnt in neutral. I occasionally I can get the bike in neutral but the light doesnt come on.
Aaand the clutch doesnt seem to engage completely.

So pretty much im running out of ideas and I may just take it to a dealer or a shop to have them iron it out.

Help me chop cult.