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    Default 1973 Shovelhead Build...with wheel spacing guide

    Ok, so I have heard here that the May 2011 issue of The Horse had a great write up by Fab Kevin regarding rear wheel spacing. I searched and could not find that article online. So I bought that singe back issue, and then scanned it and uploaded that article here for all of us to enjoy.

    I will get some pics of up my build.

    If this is not legal or a copywrite issue let me know and I will take it down. I just figured it would be super useful to have as a reference.

    shoot, i cannot get this thing to upload. It is 30.73MB...any idea on how to get it to upload???

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    Upload it to imgur and then insert image from URL, deselect retrieve remote file

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    lets see if this works...

    Blackbetty...thanks man

    I have this saved as a PDF, if anybody wants it, send me a message...
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    This is how the bike sits now....

    1973 cone shovel. Halfrey (sp?) hardtail professionally installed by my welder. Baker 6 into 4, foot clutch, jockey shift...bla bla bla

    I had to shorten the axle due to the narrowed panhead frame dimensions compared to stock shovel. Later tonight after work I will get this thread organized. Here are some current pics though....

    The bike about a week after I got it home. 1973 Harley FX, the previous owner tried to make it into an FLH?

    On the way to have the hartailed installed by the welder

    As it sits now in my basement machine shop

    Im super new to TIG welding, well, any kind of welding to be exact

    Shortening the axle shaft

    Sissy bar mount fab

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