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    Default Street Triple scrambler/adv suspension conversion - Stanchion and Fork slider/bridge?

    Ok, I have a crazy project in mind. I want to turn my Street Triple into a kind of Scramble/adv bike. Primarily I know I need to upgrade my front and rear suspension travel and rubber.

    1. To get more travel in my front suspension could I swap my stanchion and fork internals with those from a 2014 BMW f700GS without changing my fork sliders? This would prevent me from changing my axle, wheel and brakes (except extending brake cable of course). The stanchion on both bikes are 41mm, which should allow me to use the stock fork bridge and steering.

    2. If this doesn't work I'd have to swap the fork, brake system and possibly the front wheel?

    3. for the rear I need a longer Shock, chain and extend swing arm? Or can I just get away with Shock and chain?

    Thanks in advance. Any help or suggestions appreciated?

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    That question could be a good fit at advrider and various Triumph forums since they'd have more specific knowledge.

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