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    Default shovelhead carb mount.

    Okay, I thought this would be EZ to find.

    I just need to know the bolt sizes I need to mount the S&S Cycle Carb Support Bracket, on my shovelhead.

    There is a small screw hole under the second rocker box cover, what size bolt to I need for that. And what size do I need for the SS Super E carb.

    I let it bounce around all summer but now I want to lock it down.

    I did go to the dealer who told me "I have no idea were to look that up".

    So once again the deal let me down, so I turn to the real "knowable service department".


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    just put a new stainless one on my bike damn if I can remember I just grab a few at the hardware store they are cheap enough,if you got something laying around that fits .who doesnt have a box of misc. shit around.

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    Ride to your local hardware store and get what you need. VERY common size, very cheap, I just cant remember what size they are
    at the moment. The carb to manifold bolts are allen heads: Be sure you get the same type. It makes it easy to take on/take off. But you
    could go hex head if you wanted: Be DAMN sure they aren't too long Take look, you will see what I mean

    The bracket bolt you can figure out

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    There are the brackets that run from the head to the air cleaner backing plate...

    But for a easier way of supporting the carb, would be one of these...

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    Viva La Cantina!!!!!!


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