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View Poll Results: Would you go to a ND chopper fest??

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    Default Can we get a chopper/motorcycle event in North Dakota??? Anyone???

    I've been thinking and dreaming of a chopper fest in the boonies of North Dakota fo a long time now. Despite all the horrific stereotypes of NoDak, it's not all THAT bad. I know of some government open to public land where you can set up camp and chill for as long as you can survive. There are no utilities there like electric or clean water so we'd have to hoof in what we needed. But it be the perfect spot for a shindig. For chopper minded dudes to chill and get weird. Howl at the moon and scream Bob Marley lyrics. I'd like to get some feedback... (no negative bullshit about my home state, I didnt choose to be born here but it's my home and Im gonna rep it for life even if I move away). So let me know what you think. If you are close, or far, or wanna chill with like minded people, lets get something rolling....

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    I'm in Minneapolis. What part of ND? I'd be down for something like that.

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    I'm in Fargo.... got a cool spot about 45 miles southwest of here. ND national grasslands. Cool place. Be good for a late fall shindig

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