When I first got on the internet, (Back when it WAS the internet) the left could talk policy.. And they loved to.

Their assumptions were giggle inducing because they tried to take thousands of years of what we know about human nature and stand it on its head. But they tried! They really did and a bunch of them truly believed what they were saying. They thought their policies were a new approach and the entire scope of the debate took on a nature VS nurture kind of slant.

It was sophistry and bromides, but they believed it and they argued it in good faith. I respected them for doing so because they actually believed this.

The old left were also quite "liberal" in their defense of Civil Rights and particularly freedom of speech.

They were suspicious of large concentrations of wealth and power (As were many of us on the right. Though the libertarian and globalist wings of the party alternately screamed at and ignored us.) so, they weren't particular friends of the FBI, CIA or large corporations. Particularly multi-national corporations. They weren't crazy about high finance, either. Their formative experiences included the fundamental unfairness of the Vietnam War, and many of us agreed with this also. At least to some degree.

They were wrong, but they weren't a bunch of galactic hypocrites in those days.

Flash forward to today and those people are GONE.. They fucking evaporated.

Progressives all sound like Twitter trolls now. They spend their time and energy creating new dragons to slay (like "systemic racism") because their policies are wholly unsuited to solve any REAL problems afflicting American citizens.