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    Hey guys, I'm new to the site but I am in desperate need of some new wheels. I just got out of the joint and the only bike I have left is an old CB750 with a bad alternator. I'm trying to sell it as a parts bike, since I don't have the title, and get a running bike to use as my daily rider and get out of my wife's station wagon. I live in the Austin area if anyone has any ideas. I'm 6 foot tall and about 275 pounds, so nothing small.

    I am also trying to find a job in the cycle field. I am driving a rock truck for the time being, but want to get back to what I love... Bikes! Thanks in advance for any leads or info.
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    Set aside X amount of money, buy a solid machine off Craigslist or where ever. Dunno precisely what you mean by "ideas". Paper trade rags often are used by people who don't internet. You can find deals there. You don't mention your mechanical skill and experience level. That will affect your choices. If you get a deal on a bike which doesn't fit your size, you can swap bars and have an upholstery shop alter the seat. If no money, scrounge old parts and do seat yourself. Apes are nice for large humans.

    Step one, look at RUNNING motorcycles in your price range. Needing a carb cleaning is OK if you are used to knowing that's all that's fucked up. It's gotten me a few cheap rides over the years.

    Step two, use internet to find out if they suck or not and if that suckage makes them unreliable as transportation.

    Step three, choose a reliable motorcycle because when you use them for transportation reliabiity trumps everything else. No maintenance-intensive old iron, no low production oddball shit, relatively simple, and with reasonable parts availablity.

    For transpo, forget projects, forget anything which would delay your riding, and keep it cheap.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I don't really internet, but I get on occasionally. I'm usually too busy working.

    I'm a decent mechanic. The first thing I did with the CB750 I have was tear it down to the frame for a "cleaning", and then put it back together in a week. I also rebuilt all four carbs in putting it back together that week. I'm not great, but I can learn as I go. I hadn't ever worked on a motorcycle before I turned that first nut on the CB. I can do a new seat myself as I worked textiles for 5 years in prison, and I have my first leather jacket I ever bought from back in '96 for a seat cover. Basic parts swapping is a no brainer.

    I am a big fan of the 60s and 70s style chops with the 20-40 over forks, but that's not ideal for a newb like me who just got legal.

    Anyway, thanks again for the info, and I'll keep searching through my Cycle Source, Easyriders, and The Horse Backstreet Choppers to find inspiration. I do miss the old Iron Horse and Ironworks though.

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