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    I watched that on CK last night....frickin awesome !....bikes from MY time !!!

    Almost brought a tear to my eye when the builder hopped (sort of) into it and took the bars....ya cant beat that shit....I dont care who the new "wunderkind" are....

    ....Roth, Ness, Von Dutch, etc....aint nobody can hold a candle to em....thats why Im never bored when I go to Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh....

    Ya go 4 blocks away to OCC, and its like "yawwwnnn"....the bike builders of yore were like the car designers of the 50s and 60s...they worked with the lines of a bike, and moulded seats, tanks and fenders to blend with the frames....

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    this was on in Canada last night. they never drove it. I would like to see it do corners with these 4 giant slicks on the back. I read it was on E - bay in 2011 for 5000, no on bid. I would love to have a bad ass machine like that.

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    Ive seen Big Twin run and drive in the past and yes its possible even though it is primarily a show bike. The 4 tires cause no problem at all (center two are direct driven outside two are along for the ride). It is the 65 degrees of rake and long front end that make you take very wide turns. It has a torsion bar suspension in it so its not rigid with that a the girder up front. I went for $5k when it sold however it was in very very bad shape. I know, I saw it and worked on it some at the original builders house. Now its as original thanks to Bones Legacy and Paul Ponkow. I know the bike from then and now and they nailed it.

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