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    Default How to widen and align a damaged rear fender?

    I am new to any form of body work and have to ask a basic question.

    When, I replaced the skins on 93 sportster the rear fender seemed 1/4 inch narrow. It appears the left side is flattened in a bit. I was able to tighten up all the bolts and get it mounted. When done, viewed from back the fender was 1/2+ inch off center to the left. The die cast fender struts were stressed near the braking point. I think the frame is good and the left side of the fender was slightly damaged. It probably came off a salvage/wreck. It seems a 1/4 inch error at the frame becomes a 1/2 + inch error at the fender tip. And 3/8 error at the end of the die cast strut.

    if I just tighten the right side bolts only, it lines up perfect. That tells me the damage is on the left fender side? My eye is not good enough to see it. The question is, how can I pull out the left side? I have a big bench vise and large welding clamps. I could cut a 2x10 pattern. Would be nice to save the re-paint. That was stupid not to fit it all up first. Valuable lesson there.

    Should I be pulling the side of the fender out or pressing down on the radius of the curve?

    I need to try and take a pic from the top. The fender is not a nice simple smooth side. Along the length of the side it has a ridge for strength that makes it double hard to just bend it back out.
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