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    Default Need Help On My First Build-Suzuki GS 750

    What's up everybody? My name is Steve, I'm new to Chop Cult and I'm attempting my first bike build this winter. I have a 1980 Suzuki GS 750 that I want to bob. I have access to a garage and basically all the tools I will need (welder, torch, wrenches, angle grinder, bench grinder etc...) and my grandfather will be helping me, he's an old school gearhead. I'm no mechanic by any means, but I know how to use all the tools I have access to. The bike runs great, I rode it all summer, so I know everything is in working order. I was just hoping that some yall could point a rookie in the right direction when it comes to parts and planning/executing my build. Thanks in advance!

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    Sure thing man. Just post up your questions and be spacific. Make sure to include the make and model of bike. You'll be best posting in the Jap section. The guys in the know will help you pretty quick should you find yourself in a jam.

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    Remember to post in the Japanese forum.

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    Sorry guys. Thanks for the heads up!

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