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And I think I've fixed the bike. Again. There was something going on with the ignition. I replaced the CKP but I accidentally left out a locking wedge in the 2 point Deutsch connector. That made a huge difference as I went from intermittent an spark to no spark at either plug. I figured I had a short somewhere so I just backtracked until I found out what was going on. Once I got that sorted out the bike fired right up. It's been raining all day so I haven't been able to ride it but I'll definitely be on it tomorrow.

As far as vacuum leaks, when I rebuilt the carb for the 24th time and added new intake manifold gaskets I tested for leaks. I replaced all the gaskets on the carb and with the bike idling I didn't find places where the RPM's increased so I'm thinking the carb is buttoned up pretty good right now. It is probably jetted rich as is but whoever had the bike before had an even bigger jet combination in there to begin with. I'm guessing they were compensating for the straight pipes. I've since unbaffled them but I'll still tune the air mixture screw etc when I next get time.

The bike was running super solid a week ago after I had rebuilt the carb. Again, I thought it was all carb issues but after I replaced the front plug wire the bike ran like a champ.
I'm thinking that with an intermittent spark in the front cylinder, when it got flooded from trying to start it that is where the backfiring was coming from.

I've replaced the CKP sensor and the ignition coil. I tested the ignition module on a friends bike so I know it's good. Hopefully, it was one of the first two and now that I've fixed my wiring mistake we'll see if everything is in order...
does it die when it gets hot? sounds like a bad coil to me