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    Default Welcome to the Chop Cult: HOW TO / TECH Forum (READ ME)

    Chopping and modifying motorcycles is the crux what we do here on Chop Cult; aside from the obvious frame modifications... chopped and modded bikes also have: carburetors and other performance mods, wheels, seats, sissy bars... etc. etc. that need to be customized and in good working order since we ride them like they were intended to be.

    That being said THIS IS NOT a HELP ME with a bike issue forum; aka my American/European/Asian motorcycle won't start etc. forum... for those questions go to the appropriate forum to post help for those questions.

    This is a HOW TO make it and do it yourself forum... so if you want to post a how to for: Turning a frame into a rigid, welding, make a seat, run a different wheel, paint and all other types of modifications; then lo and behold... you are in the right place for it!

    So, enjoy the HOW TO forum folks!... And by all means: DO share your DIY modifications and How To knowledge. DON'T post them in this thread... make a new one.


    Edit from Allen: Do not start threads with items for sale. Seriously, that's CLASSIFIEDS not HOW TO TECH.

    If in the course of your huge, descriptive, illustrative, "How To" thread, on how to do something so incredible it makes every chopper fool on the Cult drop a jaw, and you happen to mention that you can custom make another "like" item, or have a website, sure, that's admissable as a after-thought, but if you're using the forum as a solicitation, expect it to be removed, closed, or deleted. again; Do not start threads with items for sale. Seriously, that's CLASSIFIEDS not HOW TO TECH.


    Last edited by Allen; 01-07-2014 at 6:42 PM.

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