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    Default Got a Problem? Q/A's Forums & CLASSIFIEDS (5/14/15)

    Got a problem? Here's some basic info on troubleshooting problems you might encounter;

    I can't log in, or I forgot my user name or password
    I'm over it. How can I delete my membership?
    How do I update my profile?
    How do I change my email address?
    How can I report an error or other problem with the site?

    Reporting Abuse
    This guy's a dick. How should I handle it?
    How can I report spam or other inappropriate content?

    Is my information kept private?
    How can I make my profile private?
    How can I block users from contacting me?


    The Site Rules and User Tips Forum is designed so you can search through existing threads and help resolve or at least identify any problems you might have while on the Chop Cult. More often than not, you're not the only person who's experienced a give issue and either, had it resolved, or determined how to best work around it.

    If you can't find a thread already open discussing your particular problem, start a new one. Please be as informative as possible.

    That being said, once you've extinguished all your options at resolving it yourself, and now into the "pulling your hair out" mode, send us an email or a PM with the best description posible of the problem and we'll take a look at it. Please remember however that we're not Wizzards and it might take us more than two snaps to identify and/or "fix" your problem.

    This sticky is a work in progress, so bear that in mind. We really don't need six different threads on "where'd the Miles Store go?" so expect this forum to resolve questions and concerns as best as possible (note: I didn't say "fast") and move on...
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    Questions and Answers:

    Q: Where's the MERCHANDISE section?
    A: The MILES STORE is closed but Chop Cult merchandise is available at Lowbrow Customs.

    Q: How can you change the title of your thread?
    A: You cant. Only a MOD can. If for some reason you wish to change/alter/fix your thread title, please PM me (or any of the mods) and I will assist you.

    Q: How do you post in the BLOGDUMP?

    A: You can't. The Blogdump is by invite only. You can submit your blog in the following BLOGS FOR BLOGDUMP thread, and from time to time (and it might be a long time...) we add / delete Blogs in the dump.
    UPDATE: Blogs for the Blogdump 2013 NEW THREAD HERE

    EDIT NOTE: I'm always open to review your blog for possible inclusion, but you've got to sell me on it like a job interview (you have no idea how many people just send me a link for a blog and expect it to be automatically included... it doesn't work that way folks). We're looking for something that's a shoe in fit for our community. Your blog has to meet a certain criteria, or be something just so damn freakishly awesome, that it needs to be in the blogdump...

    Q: How do you change your USER NAME?

    A: To avoid mass confusion, this isn't something normally done. If for some reason (you just signed up and spelled your own name wrong?) you need to, you can PM Nina78 and submit a request to her. It's a possibility, not a guarantee.

    Q: How do u post videos from your iPhone4 pic/vid section?
    A: Download the photobucket app., Upload the video there. Then use an embed link that photobucket will provide. Your video can then be viewed in a post/thread.

    Q: How do you post a picture(s) in a thread post / reply?
    A: Quick answer; First copy the URL from the desired picture location (off your blog, flickr, photobucket, etc.). Next in your thread post or reply click on the small yellow picture icon that says INSERT IMAGE. Paste the URL into the pop up screen. Hit OK.
    More Detailed answer HERE

    Q: How do you bump your Classified back to the top?
    A: You cant. You have to delete your original classified and post a new one. This prevents people from sitting behind a computer in a shop or garage somewhere and simply refreshing their classified ads back to the top endlessly...

    Q: Is there a Classified(s) Moderator?

    A: No. The Classified are not linked to the Forums, and thus we (the Forum Moderators can not access Classifieds. Please Note: Classifieds are AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you send $5,000 blindly to someone you've never met, 3 states away and get burned... there's NOTHING we can do for you. Protect yourself. Use the escrow link for large purchases. NEVER NEVER NEVER send money as a gift. If anything smells "fishy" even if it looks the slightest "too good to be true" watch your back. I'm very fond of liking the classifieds on Chop Cult to picking up loose women in bars... Sure it can be fun, but you don't come back to the bar two months from the time you slept with the lady and complain to the bar tender that the woman, who you eagerly jumped into bed with, has gifted you with a deadly STD... complain to the bar tender that it's "his fault" somehow (?) and expect the bar tender to "wave a magic wand" and make the STD go away. Get a clue. A thousand times over, Buyer Beware!

    * YES. We now "administrate" the classifieds. That doesn't mean we run a "resolution" service, we do NOT. But we can now block users who violate the rules of posting or content within the classifieds. The classified section is NOT the shit list. Do not list complaints under a classified. That can get you BLOCKED from posting new classifieds. And, let's say, you don't care about not posting more than THREE CLASSIFIEDS IN A DAY, and you post SIX because that's what YOU want to do. That can and should get you blocked from posting new classifieds. We don't even send out "warning slips" because we're all adults here and we understand how the rules work.

    and let me say it one more time; NEVER SEND MONEY AS A GIFT. YOU CAN AND WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE IT and there's NOTHING we at Chop Cult can do other than tell you "WE TOLD YOU SO." Simple? One would think.


    Q: What's with the THREAD OF THE DAY threads?
    A: Sometimes there's an active thread on the Main Forum that's so incredibly awesome that we're inserting the title "Thread of the Day" into the name of the thread so it gets more traffic (or attention if you will) based on content, tech, or interest. We however, do not rename the thread after the "day" is over, it just slips into oblivion... Interesting search option to be sure.

    Q: What happened to the Photo Dump?
    A: Been deleted for a couple months now. Keep in mind there's plenty of photo threads in each of the Forum sections so, with a little effort, you can easily find a vast wealth of photography inside the Chop Cult.

    Q: Why is Chop Cult deleting threads?
    A: For a variety of reasons. In the Site Rules Forum, I am personally trying to keep the number of threads under a page and deal with problems/issues/questions as they come up. Most are relevant for one or only a few members, and occasionally involve "glitches" that auto-correct themselves, so I do clean this forum up regularly. If a thread you started a year ago on a topic that's obsolete now has been deleted... that's why. If you had a valid-general-overall question, you probably would find it re-stated re-questioned here...
    Now, why would we delete threads on other Forums here on Chop Cult? It's about as subjective as it gets, but suffice to say, it's for just cause. Usually someone gets a serious butt hurt brewing and takes it over the top or begins lashing into a temper tantrum the size of Andre the Giant's Balls... and that's bound to get the boot. Not all the time, but it happens. We have numerous reminders and "rules" concerning behavior on the Cult and how to report "assholes" (PM the mods, same as you should/would do when you encounter spam or scams in your PM box...), but my favorite rule is one of Bill's first that goes something like this; "Bars throw drunk assholes out, and we reserve the right to do the same thing here." So yeah, we might delete a thread before you get thrown out? Again it's a subjective job... but if it wasn't done this place would be more-ugly. It's possible, never doubt that. If you still don't understand, PM me, I'll gladly spell particulars out for you. That's what I (don't) get paid for... after all.


    Q: Why doesn't CHOP CULT have a Memorial Forum / R.I.P. section?
    A: (CRFyou summed it up best) At the risk of sounding insensitive, I doubt this is something we would ever do. Being reminded of our own mortality is something that happens daily. We have all lost loved ones. I can relate, and I'm not talking about grandparents. We grieve, remember, and go about our days with our memories. I don't see the need to have a forum that would keep the pain alive with a section of threads of people that passed before their time. It might be a bit too morbid and melancholy for the majority.
    Threads are fine, and the difference is there's not the huge reminder section that has the feeling of an online cemetery.

    Q: Did my IP get blocked ?
    A: Maybe? If you've exceeded your asshole allowance, we've probably banned you... bu' bye, time to move your Internet Thuggery Avatar to another online social network. But seriously, from time to time, IP addresses get blocked for reasons only Elvis, Bigfoot, and Velociraptor Jesus fully understand... "It's even happened to me! How dare the internet ban this moderator from his own forum!" but fear not, PM Nina78 (or have a friend do it on your behalf... since obviously, you're unable to get onto the Chop Cult) and simply provide your user name (and IP address if you're keen enough to know where to find it), and she'll reset you.

    Q: How Do I Post a Classified?
    A: If it's your first day at work, do you really ask for a vacation week? Take the time to look around. If you're so new you haven't even explored the Chop Cult enough to figure out that, things are pretty simple around here; posting a new thread, navigating between forums, reading through the Site User Q/A's... you should probably take a second (or longer) look around. Classified listings are very easy, follow the icons, insert the requested information, include the information we've asked you to include* (very important), etc. We're always around to assist and answer questions, but don't start a new thread asking us how to change your USER NAME on your second day here.
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    Random Screen Shot from the JP (above)

    Q: Where should I post this?
    A: Man, that's a really good question. And if you're asking it, I hope you take the few minutes necessary to really grasp the "Way of the Chop Cult."
    Here's a super perfect example of some questions posted in the JUNK PILE that obviously belong in the SITE RULES AND USER TIPS Forum.

    You wouldn't normally post a question about a 1970 Shovelhead in the JAPANESE BIKES... FORUM, and you wouldn't post a KZ750 LTD Question thread inside the SITE RULES AND USER TIPS FORUM and expect to get a very good response. You might be ridiculed and/or see your thread spiral OT into the land of Salt and Piss.

    We will move your threads for you (and make necessary corrections in titles to assist with accurate descriptions, etc.) from time to time, but when it's pretty obvious you're just not trying, at all, we'll delete them. Same with dupliate threads; Don't do it.

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