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    Default 01 Suzuki Intruder 1400 Lowering???

    Anybody have any tips on lowering the back end of my bike??? What shocks would be compatible with my bike? I am a newb and am trying to figure out cheap and easy ways to do this. I want it to ride as low as possible without bottoming out. Thanks guys!!!
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    You can usually lower one inch safely but make sure you check to see if the tire clears the fender. One inch will change the looks dramatically.

    If you hit a bump and the tire hits the fender it can stop the wheel and cause you to go down.
    Check the tire for wear marks. Also look inside the fender to make sure no screws or bolts protrude .

    BTW The 1400 Intruder (The real one) was made for over 15 years and the 800 model is still produced,. It looks so good almost no improvements are needed.
    It had metal side covers. The fit and finish of Suzuki's is outstanding.

    For riders 5'9" or shorter.
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    The current shock angle of bikes were taken out of the motocross play book in the early 80's. The rear wheel has so much un needed travel its retarded...I'm not sure if they expected people to jump trees with them or not. Most bikes can lose 3 to 4 inches, by dropping to a 10 inch shock and still have plenty of clearance travel left...the important thing is to make sure your trail doesn't become zero or negative when lowering etc. making things dangerous...

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    So a 10 inch shock in the back would be ok??? Are there any specific brands that would be compatible with this bike? Like I said, im a newb lol. Im pretty new right now and I am still learning what would be my best options.

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    If you want to keep a shock setup; then the Suzuki Savage; or the 450 Rebel are 10 inches eye to eye. There may be more; but these are the two I am aware of. The 250 Rebel shocks cannot handle load of your bike but they are 10 as well...thought I'd throw that out there if you were looking and wondered. If you don't want to keep a shock setup most hard struts are also 10" eye to seems to be the over all lowering standard to go to.

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