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    I've come across a 68 sportster that I checked out at a friends house that he is looking to sell. The only thing is the front cylinder is off and it has been exposed to the elements. The only thing that is some what protecting it is a trash bag that is covering the bottom end, the engine is still on the bike; however, the bike has no gas tank and is fairly rusty. My question to the community price would call out to purchase the bike?

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    Pics. How long was it out in the elements ? Does the motor turn ? We need more info....

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    Im going to his place this weekend I'll have some pics. Its been sitting for 7 years.

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    And no the motor doesn't turn over.

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    I know the most important thing to me is "does it have a clear and straight title?"
    yeah and a few pics would help.. It could range for couple hundred to a couple grand

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    If the motor wont turn and it's been sitting with all that exposed for 7 years then I'd stay away from it. I'mean unless they're practically giving it away. There's too many good deals on running bikes to be messing with that.

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