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    Default 2003 sportster 883 ignition help.

    Hey guys here is some background info. I need some opinions and some help on where to go to next.

    Scenario: Bike starts, I let it run before I drive it , at about 5 minutes on the road, ( I assume I am at normal operating temperatures ) the bike just dies. It will not start and or kick over until it is completely cooled down. I have replaced the plugs, plug wires, ignition coil ( dual fire ) and even a battery right after I purchased the bike, so those are all brand new.. I have done some research and I have heard about the ignition modules being the cause of this.. Can anyone confirm? Or offer some other input?

    ALSO: If it is the ignition module, which one should I look into.. I am PLANNING on converting the 883 to 1250 at the end of the season and if I buy the module now, I want to make sure I wont have a problem starting and or running the bike as a 1250. Thanks for reading, hopefully I can get some help. Thanks again.

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    Ignition module is a common failure. It is located inside the timing cover. Remove the two covers and inspect it. Next, start the bike and let it run. Using your girlfriend's hair dryer heat up the module, don't cook it or blister it, but get it hot. Bike will stall if the module has a heat related failure.
    The best replacement ignition on the market is the Daytona Twin Tec. Go with the single fire kit as your best value for future modifications.

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