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    Default 07 superglide into a rigid frame

    So here is my thoughts, I own an 07 superglide and a 68 ironhead both are in the stock swingarm frames. The ironturd i wanna keep in the stock frame all original and just cool as it is old school style. I mean come on its a stripped down race bike style from the late 60s still all there. Now the superglide ive been doing stuff to for a while and ive gotten to the point where I want to put its heart into a rigid frame. Now Paucgho makes a frame that will fit a twincam engine and i know a frame builder seeing as the Paucgho is actually for softtail engines which are built slightly different. My next thought on the issue is there is sooooo much computer controlled crap on the stock bike if i pull the heart of the bike out, use standard tanks is there a carb kit that i can convert the engine from infected to carburated? If i do this what all do i have to take as far as the computerized crap and do i really have to have an infected chop? I dont want to do radical just a bobber 150/16 front and rear chain conversion from belt obviously, wide glide front end hell ill probably keep mags on it seeing as i dont cage it anywhere. Any advice would be extremely helpful, with all the vaccum petcock crap and efi garbage im not sure how i can do it.

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    I don't have a definitive answer for you, but I've converted a few efi chevys to carb setups, so it should work, even tho it's tomatos potatos

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    I would chop the IH and keep the superglide... just my 2 cents

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    not hard at all.. you can get the herness from wire plus to make it a carb motor .. then carb and ign .. or you can get a mag from morris .. or bdl makes a cam cover that runs cone type ign .. hope that helps

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    cool i think ill wait till the efi craps out then swap it over it already acts kinda weird. Well im still waiting for my ironhead parts so we will see.

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