Hi guys, Im relatively new to this scene so please forgive any stupid questions. I have a 78 suzuki gs550, Bought it stock but now any old jap bike purist would probably crucify me if they saw it. Anyways I have a few questions...

I bought a tail/brake light license plate bracket from road 6 customs and im having trouble wiring it. The stock wires going to the tail are black brown and white. The wires on the light are black blue and purple. Black is ground, i know that, and im pretty sure blue goes to white. But when all 3 wires are connected the light is at the birghtest, both filaments are burning. This is only supposed to happen when the brake is being engaged, but im not pulling any levers, sooo any ideas? Anyone know where to find a good wiring diagram?

Also, I put pod filters on and now when i crack the throttle it bogs, can this be fixed with a synch, or do I need to change jets, I already cleaned the carbs. What size should I go to?

Any help with the questions would be greatly appreciated, my buddy who was helping me just started working full time at a harley dealership so Im pretty much on my own.