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  1. Shovelhead and sportster front brake master cylinder interchangeable?

    I have a 1982 FXE with dual disc brakes and am doing a swap with a 1999 Sportster front end (dual Disc single piston calipers).

    My sportster master cylinder is 11/16 and Im not quite sure what...
  2. 1999 Sportster front hub interchangeable with 1982 FX front hub?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 1982 FXE Shovelhead with spoked rims (19") and dual disc. I have come into possession of a 1999 Sportster sport (XL1200S) complete front end assembly.

    The front hubs look to...
  3. I am just looking for a little more ground...

    I am just looking for a little more ground clearance to have a greater lean angle. On the left side I scrape the jiffy stand and the right side I scrape the header to my exhaust. I know its not...
  4. So anyone running long rear shocks or what?

    So anyone running long rear shocks or what?
  5. 98158

  6. Anyone run long rear shocks on their Shovelhead?

    I have a 1982 FXE and I am running the stock 35mm front end and have 12" Progressive 444 rear shocks.

    My lean angles are so shitty that I scrape super early in turns on both sides. I would like...
  7. Does anyone know a good pinstriper in San Francisco?

    Looking for some pinstriping work in San Francisco or the greater Bay Area. Anyone know anyone?
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