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04-28-2022, 3:36 AM
I'm a daily reader here on 33.

IMO; it looks like there ought to be a 48 hour delay on any first timer new posts. This way admins have a chance to screen out spambots getting through. Like let them sign up and post, but the first post gets the delay, for an opportunity to see if it's spam.

This would not necessarily need to be disclosed, except maybe in the main forum in a sticky from the admins.

3 pages? Two days in a row? I do not covet that job as admin!

04-28-2022, 7:01 AM

04-28-2022, 8:11 AM
It's pretty easy with VB to batch delete a poster's stuff.. So, getting rid of it isn't a problem. It's more of an annoyance than anything.

Something that helped a lot with thinning bot sign ups was a simple Q&A like: The sky is what color? What day comes after Sunday? Etc.

What amazes me is the utter lameness of the bots.. Holy Fuck. Essay writing? That's even a thing?

CC has the gayest, most retarded, bots in the world.

04-28-2022, 2:13 PM
I deleted the threads and users. What a pain in the ass!

Do me a favor and report them (spam/bots) as soon as you see them. Thanks!

04-28-2022, 6:57 PM
Take a look at the Tech forum

04-28-2022, 6:58 PM
And the American bike forum

04-28-2022, 7:02 PM
gone, thanks :cheersmate: