View Full Version : Fix Carbs that cut out on highway (due to cross wind)

10-31-2013, 9:11 PM
Found this on some website might have been this one looked for the answer for a long time figured I'd share it. My bike has a KZ1000 motor in it by the way. Used to be when I would ride down the highway my bike would cut out when I got a strong crossbreeze and almost die. Did lots of research and found out I needed to take my carbs off and clean where they go to the manifold. I sprayed the intakes and carbs down with carburetor cleaner and used a gasket scraper to get rid of all the dirt, oil, tore up gasket, and general shit that had built up since 1978. Some say u need to put new gaskets on and some say no. I didnt put gaskets on but you can get that make your own gasket cork and put it on. After i cleaned the carbs and put them back on I havent had any problems at all. It even helped my hanging carb issue. Hope this helps somone out sure helped my bike. I really like the new diy section and hope people post some more shit on it. Ride hard have fun-----Meathead

11-01-2013, 5:58 AM
The crosswinds deal happens a lot on pod set ups, sort of like a unwanted super charger kicking in out of nowhere, problem is the jetting can't balance out the extra air flow. Most typical fix is to sheild the pods in some way, sometimes depending on intakes legs do a good job of blocking the cross wind effect, you can also carry some socks incase you run into excessive cross winds winds to put over them, I've been in Santa Ana winds a few times it's no picnic.