Softail parts Huge lot for sale
Created: 2 year(s) ago
I have everything listed for sale. Would like to make a package deal on all of it, but I will also sell individual. Message me for any questions. Well over $8k in parts.

$1500 Takes everything!!!

1. BDL 3” open primary system with outter bearing support. (Polished Alum)
2. Softail real axle with wheel spacers. 1” axle
3. Starter with battery cables and lugs
4. Huge assortment of stainless and chrome nuts bolts and misc spcers and hardware
5. 2x petcock valve assemblies, braided fuel line and chrome fuel filter
6. Rear brake caliper bracket (Chromed alum)
7. Front rear blinkers/markers with fork mounts for fronts
8. Clutch cable 69” with easy pull clutch system and transmission cover with cable holder for 2” downtube. Clutch cover fits 6 speed ultima transmission.
9. Oil cooler (Chrome)
10. Headlight (Chrome)
11. Kick stand (Chrome)
12. License plate bracket with 3rd brake light. Comes with axle mount or custom made bolt on frame mount. (All chrome alum)
13. Shift linkage. Skull and standard bar and shift lever for trans. (All chrome)
14. Forward controls with matching rear foot pegs. (Chrome)
15. Spiked peg tips for forward controls. (Chrome alum)
16. Hand controls with buttons, with spiked grips. (All Chrome alum) comes with braided brake line and clamps, internal throttle system with cable.
17. Side mirrors, Skull with flame. (Chrome alum)
18. Coil cover / engine mount with Twin Tec high output coil. NO key for ignition switch. (All Chrome alum)
19. Coil comes with Thunderheart ASM5012 programable ignition system
20. Voltage regulator (Chrome)
21. THUNDERMAX EA4260 CONTROLLER MICRO HARNESS with big lot of wires, connectors, shrink tubing and braiding wire covering.
22. DAKOTA DIGITAL MINI SPEED/TACH WITH INDICATORS HLY-3015 2210-0010, comes with transmission speed sensor, and neutral sensor, along with transmission cover, this fits a 6 speed ultima transmission.



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