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A Ruiner is a person who habitually exhibits a desire to spoil or ruin things, often focused on a particular theme. Different from a hater in that a ruiner tends to hold deep, genuine, and long-lasting animosity toward their target which can reach obsessive and psychologically unsound levels.

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Welcome in Johnny......

Kevs USA adventure continues...

Brewtality ZMWY

Kevington Run 2015

Kevington run 2015
Man what a sick weekend with this lot riding in 2c temperature up thru some amazing roads and views , big thanks to wayne the publican for putting up with us again , many great stories to be told and n long will this one stay in the memory banks , big effort by our brother 
Pete Hunter to make it in dark cold roads , loads of beer n good times breakdowns n a crash n broken throttle cable followed by a snapped chain somewhere near broadford n rescued by Cate O'Donnell in the 57 , from jamison to melbourne in took 9 hours to get home with all of the above events ! 
Thanks for making it a rad ride n sticking together when it counted everyone !
Ride fast ride free 


Rizz n Kev adventures at Throttle Roll 2015

Day 5n6 
Well after a great time @throttleroll ! We headed down to bondi at 
Stuart Torkington garage ! Unfortunately Marky Rizz shovel went there in a pickup ... with welding n almost taking the reg off , it was discovered that the main problem was a switch ! We celebrated like kids n drank beers ,the stuffed beaver in bondi is a great spot for grub too , hangin out w these boys was great we continued in the night at the royal , after a late night skinny dip i was ready for more ! Time for a boogie n some table dancing ! Brilliant time .... rizzo and i have meet new friends n got to hang with the best ! We thank sydney ..
Big thanks to our brothers Troy White stuart Torkington for there help n hospitality ! You guys rock !

Throttle Roll pics by  My Media Sydney (cheers for letting us post em)



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