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SCfest 2019 Friday

On the road and headed to Honey Grove once again.

Yes, the Kawasaki goes to yet another Shovelhead party. Mama Tried is still losing spark at like 4k, I have given up after multiple parts swapping and I sent her to Daniel at Longbow Custom to figure out.

We made it. Texas Mark was all worried that I brought a new guy with me, Hyram.

Everyone seems to like Hyram's bike though.

The regular nice breeze off West Lake Crockett was more of a gale this year.

The usual folks doing the usual stuff.

Sam was doing what dogs do.


The end is near.... Pibb has got a smartphone now.

Liz's friend Kay was a great addition to the party.

"Hey Mark, tell me about that girl you met on Tinder." Vern.

"Wow." Vern.

"Where's Sam?"

Don rolls in with pizza and beer.

Please to meet ya.

"Don, where's the Lonestar?"

There were some motorcycles even.

"Hey Mark, tell me about that girl you met on Tinder, again" Vern.

I kept waiting on Wilks to say some smart ass shit, but I was sorely disappointed.

SCFest 2019 Saturday

I am not sure that Don likes Mark getting sweet on Miss Barbara.

Black on black. Keep it classy.

This camping spot is such a great venue.

Into Bonham for a bite to eat. We highly recommend The Shepard Family Cafe, if you get out this way.

It ain't a Shovelhead party until something breaks. Hyram's neat sissybar wasn't quite up to the full on camping gear load and metal fatigue set in and lots of vibes later it broke. The wires that lit up the glass door knob grounded out and blew the fuse for the whole bike. And of course we didn't have spare fuses. 

I helped a little bit with the repairs, but of course, I took some wildflower pictures, too, though.

We made it back to camp.

Hyrum fixed his sissy bar. If you can't fix it with bailing wire and electrical tape, then you ain't using enough.

Shemp resting his eyes.

A taste to KentRRRR.

Mark didn't leave much for the rest of us.

Shovelfest IX - Saturday Part 2

These two are real cute, too.

Jaime and Mamacita.

At the bar in the woods...

She was a decent barkeep and danced a bit, too.

ShovelJack seems to be having fun.

The Hounddog is enjoying himself as well.

Really enjoying himself.

Kenny the Cableguy spreading peace and unity.

Just resting her eyes.

Raffle time!

Pibb signs the oar to hang on the wall.

The crew that has made Shovelfest every time.

Trish made a quilt for Jack and everyone signed that, too.

She rallied back!!!

Good times.

Shovelfest Veteran.

So dapper.

So smooth.


As a rule, don't let Ralph hold your moonshine.

So much distain in one picture.

Still ghey, Paul.

I don't think Cory was ready for this one.

Two fine Southern gentlemen.


Shovelfest IX - Saturday Part 1

It's a beautiful morning.


Headlight's bike. OBVI.

The fishing derby: Julia doing her thing.

You know Troy won't pass up a chance to fish either.

One of Brian's Shovelhead and Sarai's Twink.

Oh the beautiful clearwater creeks of Tennesee.

The impressive part of this one is the coveted No. 1 points cover is still riveted on and the factory electronic ignition is still firing the bike.

Julia won the fishing contest and got a shirt big enough to be a dress.

That goofball left his brand new camera in the pocket of his truck door and told everyone
he lost it.

Of course my bike is not running right. It's cutting out at WOT like hitting a rev limiter. I had already tried main jets with no change. I figured a coil swap couldn't hurt. The coil I got from Trent didn't help the problem, but I am glad I swapped this before it fell off my bike.

Like he's never seen that before.

Ain't no party like a creek party.

Cory models and tests the oar we found yesterday.

There was a stone skipping seminar as well.

Who invited a Panhead?

Jethro is unamused.

Kevin is still ready for more.

This is my good friend Noah. He is one of two of my first marital arts instructors.  He doesn't own a bike, but lives in Tennessee now. I invited him out to SpartaFest last year and he took right to the rest of our crew. So I invited him out again.

These ladies posed and not one chicken wing in the squad.

The lady on the right is Knucklebucket's sister. There seems to be an ongoing debate between the two on who is the retarded sibling.

She seems to like Chris.

Ladies love outlaws.

A picture of getting ready for a picture.

A picture of a picture.

Shovelffest IX: Friday Part 2

Here's more pictures of the raffled smoker. That went to KevJer. I know he will put it to good use.

Jethro and Dennis resting up for the big party.

We are a close knit bunch.

King of the Highway!

A fine southern gentleman.

Hounddog putting in some requests.

Tracy, Troy, and Panhead Fred.

"Hey quit looking at my wife!"

"So all you to do is say 'Siri, where's the party?' It's that easy."


The VIP Lounge.

"See, just ask Siri."

"No, Siri does not know how to get you to Shovelfest."

This is the time we dance.

"Yeah, Siri can get the forum back up again, Jack."

Even more distain for societal and cultural norms.

Mark, stay away from that Yankee. He's rubbing off on you.

"Siri??!! Hell, I still have a flip phone."

Really though, Arley is so nice in real life.

More dancing

Total wallflower.

Still wearing that shirt. Dirty hippie.

Just like a second honeymoon for these two.

"What??!! Siri did tell you that??!! Or was it Michael?"

Cheers to Shovelfest!

Shovelfest IX: Friday Part 1

Huck welcomes Justmeetee TeeLee to the party.

The sun is in my eyes.

Time to ride.

Webb Brothers' Texaco, Reliance, TN.

Back across the river for burgers and brews.

Someone said duck, and everyone just looked.

Panhead Fred is everywhere.

The SilverBullet surveys the scene.

Pibb found an oar that matched Fred's bike.

Pibb had to haul it though.

Pibb got tired of that and Fred took it back.

Back to camp.

KevJer displays his distain for societal and cultural norms.

There seems to be a lot of that distain going around.

Zea and Jeff.

Arley is easy to make laugh in real life, but really mean in pictures.

FISH FRY!!! Another Shovelfest tradition.

Andy joined in to help the Things.

These two are so cute.

Knucklebucket promotes the ideals of peace and unity.

The Hounddog, the Trav, and George.

In case you wondering, yes, Kentrrr is commando under those sawed-off bibs.

Corkpuller's FXR and Texas Mark's FLH.

Wildbill rolled in.


Kind of Bro hug, Kevin and J.C.

Shovelfest IX: Thursday Part 4

Kevin explains the finer points of the Judy Chop to Tracy.

Really though, Arley, Pibb, and Vern are actually having fun.(I think.)

Jason expresses his distain for societal and cultural norms.

Greg and Joey discuss bar-b-que and life's finer things.

Cory, Curt, Zea and Rug.

Mike working on his Darth Vader Force Choke.

So I guess Julia is double-jointed or something.

I guess???

Wait. You know what this calls for?

Bro hugs!!!!!

Bro hugs all around!!!

Michael is still telling stories that no one quite believes.

Dennis assures Michael that everyone still likes him though.

Always ready to model the fall line.

Trav got on stage to help out the resident singer/musician Chris Poindexter. Chris did an excellent job of entertaining throughout the weekend.

Queen Anne and Katie know how to cut a rug for sure.

I have no idea who took this picture.

Andy doesn't believe those stories either.

Brian and Sarai try to show Julia how to dance.

Julia is catching on.

Maybe not.

Brian and Saria keep working though.

Julia and Anne-Marie decide to just sing along instead.

Julia totally believes Michael's stories.

Queen Anne tries to keep Julia from listening.

Shovelfest IX: Thursday Part 3

Holding down the campsite.

Of course, Huckster is always encouraging folks to Stand Tall And Guzzle.

I obliged him. And we enjoyed Sophisticated Taste Among Gentlemen.

I honestly can't figure out which part of this picture is actually the straight part.

So Hounddog and I made a wager at SpartanFest last year.  The winner would get one cold beer in a clean glass and three you-daddy's from the loser. I won. Kenny paid out with the skinniest beer in a glass and quietest you-daddy's in the history of gentlemen's wagers.

But boy that beer was cold and refreshing.

Huckster working his selfie game on my camera.

Vern doing his thang.

More hardcore camping.

I was not doing Jaime any favors filming this. The Troublemaker causes trouble.

Vern had some advice that he didn't take or didn't work. I don't remember.

I don't think it lit off for Andy either.

Moonrise in the mountains.

Ebert Coats(Bevy's dad), Tom, and Jeff.

The usual suspects at the usual place.

Remembering the people that aren't with us any more.

Most folks don't know it, but Cory is a model for the JCPenney's catalog.

See how good he is. It's almost automatic.

Tennessee Rick and Ms. Deb.


The Hounddog was off of the chain.

Sleepy and Michael.

George, Andy, and the Queen.

Watching the show.

I don't think Kevin and Steve believe a word coming out of Michael's mouth.

The face you make when someone secretly switches STAG for your PBR.

"Yeah, so I just threw it all overboard."

Shovelfest IX: Thursday Part 2

I hadn't really planned on it, but there we were, not far from Highway 129 The Dragon. I had heard a bunch of stories of overcrowding and better roads to be found, but why not, it's a Thursday and what else were we going to do? So we rode it like a bunch of tourists.

It wasn't too crowded. There were a couple of slow bikes keeping us in a parade, but there were plenty of turn offs. The slow ones should have used those. I turned off a few times just to wait for the rode to open up a bit.

And like a true tourist, I bought a picture from

And one from

Another glamor shot.

Tennessee is beautiful. This is my fourth time to visit Tennessee, and I do enjoy it.

This is the only thing worth looking at and the only bike at the Dragon's Tail Harley Dealer(?)/Boutique/T-Shirt Shop.

Lunch at the Dragon's Pit Bar-b-que.

Back to camp. Speaking of Harley T-shirts, the MoCo put out these tie dye shirts with Shovelhead 1966-1984. I think every dirty hippie in camp had one from there local dealer or some far off location.

Tom, Sleepy, Julia, Huckster, and Greg.

Mike and Pibb.

Pibb cleaning the one lens he uses.

They say Panhead Fred is everywhere.

The SilverBullet's new ride.

Kelly cooking burgers.

KevJer's mighty steed.

Tim trying to get some cell phone service. Good luck on that.

Chillin' in the bar.

Paul, that made you look stuff is ghey. Ernie and Kentrr agree.

Sleepy and Greg inspect the raffle smoker.

Racer Jim's FLH is super nice.

Dennis, Hounddog, George, and Jaime.

I don't recall whose Softail this is, but it looked showroom new.

The TimeKeeper.

Tennessee Rick's bike.

Shovelfest IX - Wednesday and Thursday Part 1

Up and gone, before the crack of dawn. I know trailering is lame, but I was short on vacation time, so Mike(Speedjunkie) came by the house and picked me up. He was so excited for Shovelfest that he bought a new trailer and a new truck. We left at 3:30 Wednesday morning hoping to miss the major traffic times and not set-up in the dark.

Well, this little detour and stop did cost us some time. George Dickel Distillery near Tullahoma. Actually not that far from Jack Daniel's place, if you have time to do them both.

The tour ends with a tasting of course. I am fond of  No. 12, drinks like a cognac in my opinion.

You guessed it, we about couldn't find the place and we set up camp in the dark.

Thursday morning, only the die hards around. The Things and their Knucklehead.

The campsite was pretty nice. There are several huge rallies held here.

Kentrrr was here, too. He's now retired and RVing full time.

It didn't rain on the campsite any though the weekend, but the morning dews were amazingly heavy

It's not Shovelfest unless George is cooking up a ton of breakfast.

And Brian won't turn down a meal.

Remember the Shovelfesters that aren't with us anymore. Rest in peace, Bevy.

Cory, Mike, Super Dave, and Dennis.

Thing 2.

Off to ride the country side with Mike.

Stop for some glamor shots.



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