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I buy 10 packs of REAR panhead baskets - and make them into FRONTS !  I use this old, original (white cardboard-type) front panhead base gasket as a guide.  I lay it on a rear gasket, and trace the edge - then cut off the edge.  Saves me money buying (2) 10 packs of fronts & rears . . .
I like the thick D-Ring cover gaskets, the "firm.dense" style for the dampening pads, Fire-Ring style for the head gaskets, and the heavier Athena brand base gaskets.  You can adjust your base/head gasket thickness when determining your piston height at TDC in the cylinder.  I try to keep a variety on hand.  I have a "gasket addiction" and I've saved all types of gaskets over the years.
I have multiple, flat containers (as above) with all types of gaskets for 900 Sportsters, K Models, 45s and Panheads . . . and a quite extensive collection of 4 speed transmission gaskets, seals, etc. Also extra bushings of all types.  It's really sickening . . .

I've got gaskets they don't even make anymore - and when I'm down to my last one, I get all worried and panic . . . The extra-thick XLCH tin cover primary gaskets are awesome.  I gave a couple away to a buddy this summer for payment of a shared booth space - and I still have like 7 left . . . but I'm still thinking about it !  I've got problems . . .  But hey, those old-time, super thin oil pump gaskets that shrink up over the years (and you have to put them in water to expand them) are the best.  The new ones are too thick - and those white mylar plastic things are junk.  Sometimes I just open up everything and take a mental inventory again.  I have gaskets all over the living room floor and my wife thinks I'm a kook with all this stuff.  But I just love it . . . Anyone need a gasket? 

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