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Ride in the Hills: Spearfish Canyon

I met up with my old friend from town, Keith Olson and his wife and friends - and we took a run thru Spearfish Canyon, Roughlock Falls and Cheyenne Crossing.  A motorcycle mishap jammed traffic for a bit, so I went back and splashed around in the freezing Spearfish Creek - wet boots never felt so good.

I branched off through Lead and then to Deadwood and Jerry Greer's Indian.
 A whole lot of Indians . . . and only 2 Harleys - I was a bit nervous.

 This shop is insane.  Todd said he now has 30+ outside machine shops making parts....
It was a great day for a ride . . . now I need to find Bill again - He's got the Easyriders VIP Cheap Trick Tickets !  Where's he at ????

The Spirit of Sturgis

I went right over to George's pit and he gladly showed me all the tricks to these WRs and KRs we had talked about the day before.  The guy is alright.  Always helping and lending advice to any racer that wants to listen.  But, he might not let all the cats out, since he won going away !
Milwaukee was well represented by Dave Kilkenny and JJ Flattery.  Jordan Baber and his top wrench Terry Baber(the 'ol man) don't miss many races either - especially if it's a Hooligan.  All three like these big, fast tracks.
#35 and #45 had the hottest battles on the track all day . . . and their team-mates !  Slicing and dicing through all the dust and ruts - and rocks ! 
This BSA gets the "best sounding at high rpms" Award in my book . . .
These KRs are the best looking (and sounding) dirt track engines.  Unfortunately nobody showed in this class - so this beautiful KR just ran practice.  I have to say, Brittney and Matt Olsen get a hats off for keeping this track alive (with 2 races per year) - and more riders this year than last - and the stands were full - The 80th Rally is now less than a year away . . . some on out - make plans now.

AMCA Show at The Ironhorse Saloon

 This show is becoming one of the highlights of Rally Week.  Carl Olsen did an excellent job organizing, rounding up bikes, and the field games (slow ride, plank ride, etc.) were crowd pleasers.
 Teens, 20s, 30s, 40s . . . even 70s were well represented. 

 Above: Bill Rodencal's FOUR FIVE . . . You know it's him from 6 miles away due to helmet.
Kevin "Teach" Baas came screamin' in with his stroker knuck - John Graff(Colorado) looks like What the hell . . .?
Carl kept busy directing traffic, then this Sportster came rollin' in - Dude !  My bud from Minnesota - He rode it all the way - Smiling ear to ear !
4 gallon tank and buddy seat helps you keep-on-trucking . . .

This panhead was a favorite - The former AMCA President's ride
After a delicious lunch - everyone saddled up and rode over to the "Spirit of Sturgis" Half Mile Dirt Track at the old, original fairgrounds location . . . a sea of smoke and solid lifters parade across town - purdy damn neato !

Buffalo Chip National TT

Sunday is a big day at the rally.  I rode to Whitewood for breakfast, then a walk through the swap meet, The FXR Show . . . then I went and parked by the factory teams and got ready for the race later in the evening.  I parked by Jeffrey Carver(Indian) and had a good chat with Rick Canode and his rider "Bugs" Pearson.  Some of these teams definitely have some deep pockets !

Practice was a muddy, sticky mess for a few laps due to the heavy early afternoon rain shower.
I was rootin' for Carver or Pearson to win since they were pretty cool and offered me water, etc. - and I've watched both these guys come up through the ranks, and followed them through their racing careers. 
After race practice and a couple singles qualifiers - and took a break and ran up to Crossroads again to see one of my favorite bands . . . The Supersuckers !  It was a rockin' good time - and the $2 PBRs helped matters.  Met some nice people, convinced a group of 20+ to go to the races - and saw them there later . . . "You're Welcome" American Flat Track Series....
They played their entire greatest hits record (which is what ya want) and they still sound great after all these years.  Now I'm really fired up . . . so back to the races where George Wills and Eric & Jennifer Bass saved me a great spot on the top of the bleachers . . . The most exciting race here yet - search: Fans Choice Buffalo Chip TT (or You Tube) for the race replay . .
#95 JD Beach didn't give up . . . he widened his gap on #17 Wiles and #14 Bauman and continued the charge to the front, eventually passing leader/teammate #5 Jake Johnson for the win - in the about the last five feet before the flag.  The place went nuts !

Michael Lichter's "What's The Skinny" Show

A good place to meet up with all your bros . . . see what's goin' on the rest of the week.  The motorcycles in the show are some of the best builds of rally week. 
Above:  This custom was built by Dave Perewitz and took home top honors at the 2nd big custom show ever held at Daytona Beach.  Arlen won the 1st year of the show, the year before . . .
Jordan's bike (back from Germany) is one of my favorites . . .
 and being an "engine guy" this show had an incredible group of tricked out mills . . . wow !

Lots of great artwork adorns the walls . . . all the while each builder is interviewed by Lichter himself on each box (with their build or art).  Servers with tray of fancy finger foods are paraded around just like a real show opening.  Very professional, and good times had by all . . . !


FXR Show at Buffalo Chip Crossroads

I've attended this show the last few years....and it brings a good mix of hot stock to full-out-customs. 

Scenic, South Dakota

My ride in for a delicious Buffalo Burger and a Budweiser !
Served from this old church . . .
I like this song.  It's about a guy Goin' Back To Tucson and he doesn't really want to go back - but he does anyway.  Then he leaves again.  Great band . . .


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