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Hangin' with James & Bert . . .
Those Baker kicker gears are just the best.  Not cheap any way you look at it - but, they work and have started my panhead 1000s of times.  A great investment !

1948 - Fresh Again

 This 1948 FL is a done deal.  real bad shape when it came in many moons ago. . . but now it should be a runner Runs a stock "H" grind Victory camshaft with fresh lower end, cylinders and heads.  All pretty correct 1948 parts.  The 1st year of the Panhead for the motor company.
May as well do the transmission while yer at it . . . correct date code case.
Super Nut !  Check your clutch hub fitment.  Needs an 11T speedo drive.  I leave the top loose so the owner can pour some oil over the gears.  I recommend Bel-Ray Hypoid 85w-140.
For the clutch hub nut: I pressed in a new rubber seal, then put the old-style washers, 
spring and snap ring on top to keep it original looking . . . Still runs '48 style oem pushrod !  The tank-shift-rod-lever was welded up and redrilled proper diameter.

'52-'53 K Model Flywheel Assembly

I bought these (all rusty and locked up) at the Sturgis Swap Meet years ago.  I carried them all the way on my bike - restored them with new shafts, etc.  I tried to sell them, nobody wanted 'em . . . so I just found a set of cases (that need some welding) . . . so I may as well build a little motor.  I got cylinders, heads, transmission parts, all the special parts that are 52-53 only, like clutch hub clutch basket, kicker shaft and gear, transmission shafts . . . on and on.  There's hardly one part that will fit on a 52-53 K Model AND an ironhead Sportster.  The cylinder base nuts !  That's about it . . .

Wait:  The connecting rods are the same, wrist pins and clips.  If you think of something else, let me know and I'll explain why it won't work.

Wiley: No. 70

Yes, that's #70 at Bonneville Speed Week in 1970.  Jeff Wiley (not pictured) was attempting a record run.  I believe he went over 150mph - (too fast for me !)  Ironheads Forever !

750cc It's All You Need . . .

Warmer days are ahead . . hopefully???  These past pics I remember well.  Racing around town on an iron XR with no lights - but the local authorities know me well enough to not worry about me.  When you get so old, with a bit of gray hair - you don't drink and ride - and you have proof-of-insurance...they've got bigger fish to fry.

This thing rips pretty hard...and it'll pull the front wheel kinda easy.  The smooth-bend straight pipes really echo between the buildings.  Race bike on the street !
The ol' 1952 K has pretty much the same chassis - with 1/2 the power.  It's my favorite motorcycle.  The K and KH were only made a few years for street use - but H-D pumped out the KRs all the way through 1969.  The KRs were successful 'cause the flat power band kept the rear tire from spinning.  They stayed hooked up and moving forward.  
The Delorto "Pumper" carbs work great on side-valves . . .

Firestone (Coker) repop tire with stock muffler and shocks.  Early XLCH rims.

Harley K Model Gear Cover

-52 Casting Number (NOT -52A)  It won't work on a Sportster with one-piece shaft/generator idler gear.  This is for the K Model engine only (maybe a 1957 XL still had an idler shaft (like a 45 or a big twin)?

White Boy in Mexico

Above and Below: Ek Balam and the Mayan world . . .


Last month I went to the Yucatan and stayed in Valladolid for a few days, then hiked Ek Balam and went to few cenotes.  I like to stay near Punta Sur (on the south end)of Isla Mujeres too.  This gal at Playa Norte was doing maintenance on her scooter in the street.  Fixing corroded connections, making sure the lights worked, etc.  She bought it new, it was stolen a few times, lost for almost 6 months on one occasion, but she always got it back.  Nice gal.  Everyone I meet in Quintana Roo and Yucatan are nice.  Someday I'll take my WLA down there and get lost for a few years.  I love it there.

RIX '64: Sportster Factory Luggage Rack

These racks are hard-to-find...and when you do find one, they go for $200-$300 bucks.  Thanks to my friend Dennis for selling me a rack. (I sold him my own rack about 5 years ago, then wished I had it back) I modified an H-D Hummer seat (I like them since they have no seat tee bar) but they're the same shape and steel pan as the original XLCH solo seat.  McFarland helped me make special brackets to mount the seat (which was restored by: Heathers Leathers of South Carolina).
I have a restore, original 1960s Tour Pak that quick attached to this factory luggage rack.  It works slick - and I can now carry more stuff !  We reinforced the stock fender struts too (just for insurance).
All parts are moved back about 1.5" for added leg room - and "lean back" room.  It rides and handles awesome - and I just need a long trip for a test . . . Where we goin'????


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