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Knuckleheads (Click Photo for a BIG View !)

I really like all 3 of 'em . . . when I build one someday - It will be like one of these.  Knuckleheads are expensive$$$$$ . . . and Bill Mize has a unique ( 2 for 1) way of looking at this fact . . .
It goes something like:
2 Ironheads = 1 Shovelhead
2 Shovelheads = 1 Panhead
2 Panheads = 1 Knucklehead

Jerry and Jack

Ol' Sporty Boys from Illinois . . . and lots of valuable information has been gained from these two brothers.  We always have a great time at the Davenport Swap Meet with them.  They dig anything 1952-1969 in the K,KK,KH,KHK,XL,XLC,XLH and of coarse . . . XLCH !

Fixin' my ice tire next week . . .

 . .  just got my tube in the mail

September 29th

Vintage drag racing is really catching on . . .  It's back for good - and that's a good thing !  Too many of these race cars and motorcycles have sat in fields and museums far too long.  "Vintage" drags are different from "Nostalgia" in that there's no modern powerplants, wheels, nitrous, etc.  It's better.  You can't believe how fast these cars run until you see it yourself.  Vintage roar out those headers.  So get out your old Wynns Friction Proofing pit jacket, grease that hair . . . and we'll see ya at the strip.
ABOVE:  The same day, September 29th, we got this pro mile motorcycle race going on at Canterbury Downs horse track.  It's a total black tie, fuzzy affair race at a ritzy "horse racing track" that just doesn't do it for me.  A parking lot full of '08 and later baggers, $45+ admission price and foo foo folks with lint rollered shirts and shiny leathers.  I know, that's harsh, but . .  I just can't get into it.  There's no history at this track - and horse tracks are dangerous for motorcycles.  Sponsored by Indian (which I'd never own one of those brand-x ugly turds(no offense) . . . and I hope an H-D wins the whole thing - but we all know it won't, since H-D is trying to win with a production engine with a Vance & Hines pipe on it - competing against race-only motors.  Hey, Harley did it for years with the XR750....but I'm a Harley guy, always will be.  I don't jump around with motorcycle brands, I ride old stuff - and put more miles in than most, so I guess I get my say?  It's what I do for now.  I guess Sept 29th I'll hook up with my buddy on his pan chopper, meet another dude on a knuckle, throw in a couple ironheads and a vintage Kawi and hit the vintage drags - and we'll have a grand ol' time.  No breakdowns, no problems, no cops - 2 laners all the way with beautiful scenery. No super slabs . . . PBR and Miller beer signs at every bar . . . hot rod drags all day !
Sounds like more fun to me.  See ya then. -Noot

Brakes are Brakes

If you ride a motorcycle without a front brake (spool wheel) you get some flack about it from time to time.  The old H-D cable brakes aren't much better.  If you panic and over-brake, that's worse than not having a brake at all.  It's best to just ride a reasonable speed for the conditions, and don't override your motorcycle or your skill level.  We all want to be doin' this stuff for many more years.  Use your head, use your smarts and experience, and when necessary - Don't use your brake.

Fixin' all our friend's stuff . . .

Randy's '48WL cylinders are bored, honed, valves ground, seats cut and lapped - No leaks !
Troubleheads . . .
Knucklehead shortblock . .
'48 heads and '37 cylinders - ready for blasting . . .

Ray Weishaar

Two of the most widely published and recognized photographs of Harley-Davidson Racing history . . . these of Ray Weishaar.  He won many races, and set multiple track records.  He crashed through a fence at high speed while racing at age 33.  His internal injuries went unnoticed until it was too late. 
Ray was a member of the original "Harley Wrecking Crew" and one of the "Hog Boys." 

You're not supposed to . . .

 . .  slide on pavement.
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