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Long Live Harley-Davidson

Genuine breeds Aftermarket . . . The longest living motorcycle company, and stimulus for millions of dollars of aftermarket products.  The brand will be relevant long after we're all gone.  This 8X10 red, white and blue decal was suitable for framing, as it's future remains arguably black or white.

Park Your Ass . . .

 . .  on some Fiberglass !

Iron XR750

I believe this is a real one???  The top end seems short...

Messin' with Wico Magnetos

I remember seeing Wico magnetos for sale in my earliest memories of swap meets.  A vendor had an entire box of H-D Wicos at a swap in Rockford, Illinois.  I didn't know how they worked.  They looked kinda ugly, and who knew they'd become popular again for racing and restorations???  I bought a Fairbanks-Morse Sportster magneto in LeMars, Iowa for $100.00 at an AMCA Meet.  The same vendor gave me a choice between (an almost new Wico vertical) or the used FM.  I'm currently working on about the 5th engine with a Wico....and I'm learning.  Interesting little "magic boxes" these things are . . .  #singlefire  #rotor  #don'tmixupthewires 

I Voted

I've had some "big wheels" in our community try to recruit me for various city government doings, to speak at council meetings, help volunteer at different events.  These same people are older, aging, they've done their duty, they want some younger members to carry-on, but life experienced recruits to fill these positions in our local organizations like Elks Club, Rotary, Parks, Lions Club, Toys for Tots, motorcycle riding clubs, bicycle clubs, Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited . . . you get it.  I accept about 1 in 10 requests.  I should do more, but I don't.  I'm not lazy - just busy with all more other projects.  I'm hardly at home as it is.  But I can see this stuff dying off.  The way of life in America is changing.  I'm sure my great grandfather or anyone who lived in the 1920s would see us as a bunch of whimps with goofy gadgets and dumb stuff to make your life so easy - what's the point of these things?  They wouldn't believe people on television and radio say such things on the air.  They wouldn't believe the shootings, the talk, the foul language, the baby shit, the racism that's still here...the rudeness.  I don't care if you're the best businessman, the best salesman, the best guy that can make you the most money and be the best thing since sliced bread . . . if you act like a dork, and a racist, and say shit that's bad about a woman, and poke fun, and tease people, and act like a bully - I'd rather be poor and happy like my grandparents then follow a chump, who if they grew up in my old neighborhood, it woulda done 'em some good.  I know my great granddad would agree with, and a whole lotta other grandmas too . . . They'd say the exact same thing, they'd feel the same way.  So get out and vote and join up or cancel me out - 'cause this is America (not fucking 'Merica) and we're all in this together black, white, German, Italian, Indian, Armenian, French, Japanese, Chinese . . . with every religious affiliation all jumbled into one big group of people on one little chuck of land.  So be a part of your community, get to know those around and lead by example.  I always think of it like this . . . if we were all in a boat over about one month, and had to deal with each other, we'd end up making the best friend who on first impression you didn't care for.  You'd forget about who was what color, who was big or small or loud or quiet . . . and we'd all wonder how lucky we were to meet someone like that - and couldn't wait to get back with them real soon.  That's what makes this country great - all the variety.  We're lucky to have a great country with variety, cause the countries without much variety all follow us.  If to get people to follow you, they have to respect you and like you.  Following out of fear is short term.  If you're really good, they'll follow you long long after you're gone - like Abe Lincoln.  


I've never "sleeved" a cylinder before - but I figure it's a good skill to have.  You can buy cylinders a lot cheaper if they're already .070 over size and rusty.  The 4-fin knucklehead cylinders, '48-'49 panhead cylinders...anything that has the original date codes and markings.  Restoration junkies need the original parts for judging points and originality.  Plus, they just look right on an engine.  It was my first attempt, it's in there, and I can bore it now, and use my NOS +.010 over H-D pistons. 

1975 XLH

 A local guy's bike that was a real rat.  Almost everything was wrong with it - very cobbled and completely wore out.  Dad auction bought it . . . restored it to almost perfect 1975 condtion (with a few custom touches) We're "winterizing" everything, and the only thing this really needs is to get ridden more.... #cycleshackpipes  #Pcams  #borranirims  #goodyearalltraction 

Muffler Bashing - Air Cleaner Snorting

ISSUE #1: Bad sounding/performing muffler.  I keep taking the muffler off this thing and beatin' the shit out of it (internally).  It just sounds like crap.  It reminds me of a wet toilet paper roll shoved in there.  Clogged.  I already cut the muffler in half, gutted out the restrictions, took about 8" out of the length.  Now I took the muffler off again (4th or 5th time) and have a 1/2" steel bar I turned a sharp point on - and I've been beating through the center from both ends.  The bar gets stuck, I clamp the bar in my big vise, then twist and turn the muffler to get the bar out !  I got a long "bell hanger" carbide drill bit (18" length) I'm drilling though the center.  Finally it's better, runs better, and idles like a panhead should . . . pieces of metal flying out.  I just want to use it - 'cause it looks cool. 

ISSUE #2: Motor runs like shit in heavy cross-wind.  I've adapted a stock-air cleaner to my Super E because I like the stock look.  But these air cleaners are known for "wind issues" and this is no different.  I'm in-the-process of modifying an S&S B-Series air cleaner backing plate to run on my Super E.  This entails machining new holes, milling for screw heads, removing the air bleed screw on the carb body (since the back plate blocks the outer air-bleed hole) and a bit of burr, fitment mods.  I've never had a wind issue with the S&S air cleaner - they are great, and direct the air into the carb, don't 'cause fires, and give great response and flow.  It just don't look quite right on here, but I may learn to like it ? 

Just some stuff . . .

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