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Customer Bike Spotlight: 'Juan'... Blame it on the dog!

In Jonny's own words:

"The wife and I got Rodin, a golden retriever in 2007. That got me thinkin’, how cool it would be to have a bike with a sidecar for my dog to ride in. Searching for sidecar rigs, I came across a Harley Springer Classic, no sidecar, but a great looking bike. Screw the dog, I need that bike. Bought it, and rode it around stock for awhile after pulling all the HD skull covers the PO put on everything……what is it with Harleys and scary skulls?

Really liking the bikes’ looks, but still needing to make the bike “mine”, I bought a stage IV kit on eBay and installed it. That engine is a complicated as a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine. Now my bike was fast, for a Harley, but still looked stock. I still love riding the Harley, but the fuse of modifying had been lit, I need to build a whole new bike.

Now with it being my first build, I was looking to spend as little as possible, use something different and end up with a bike that when people ask, “you built that yourself?” and they really don’t know. I’ve seen home built bikes that look…….how do I say this……..home built. The Internet is full of information and parts suppliers for CB750s. Came across a bike called the “Super Bobber” built by CycleX on my internet surfing. It was long and low, and unlike any 1970s looking Honda chopper I’d ever seen, so a CB750 it would be……… keep it clean, no clutch, it would be a CB750A HONDAMATIC.

I picked up a donor bike off of Craig’s list in Tampa cheap and rode it down to St. Pete with gas leaking out of the carbs and stalling at stoplights. Got busy with the tear down. The first to go was the Vetter faring, man was that thing fugly. A Call to Cycle X for their “Boxer” frame, dual carburetors, and down-low-speedo, and I was committed to the build.

The original hubs were laced to new rims. The original forks were shaved, shortened 2” and polished up for a smooth look. The frame showed up to my front door, and it wasn’t long before I had a roller. The gas tank is a Cole Foster. I had an oil tank to hold my battery and electrics (wet sump in the hondamatic) but it seemed sort of “fake”, so off it went. Same with two rear fenders I bought on eBay, before settling on a blank I cut up myself. Lowbrow hooked me up with all the bungs to mount my fender and seat, a cool stainless seat hinge and seat springs, they also carry the model ’33 tail light and chain tensioner I used. Thanks to Patty Perfect’s borrowed stick welder, everything got tacked in place. Everyday was like Christmas as it seemed there were always boxes on the front porch to be opened. Our mailman, Joe, carried most of my bike to me one part at a time.

When the bike was almost done, I couldn’t wait to ride it, so…………………..a quick wiring job and a rattle can paint job and “Juan” the rat was on the road for two weeks. I had so much time in it by now, I had to finish it properly, so the bike came apart again, for powder and paint. I spent the time waiting to buff and paint the motor. With all my new shiny parts back in my Florida “hot ass summer in hell” garage, “Juan” came back together quite quickly. It had been almost one year after the trip to pick up the old sad looking 1976 CB750A with my VERY supportive wife, little Jennifer.

8000 miles later, I still love this bike. I could not have made it without Ken @ CycleX, you guys at Lowbrow Customs and Nate, a south St. Pete brother making some cool parts at Casket Factory Customs……..there you happy now Nate? Oh yeah, the dog still rides in the car.


Oil & Water Art Show Tomorrow, Saturday, November 12th 2011!

In southern California and bummed because there is nothing ever going on? Well fret no more because tomorrow is the Oil & Water Art Show at The Known Gallery in Los Angeles. We sent 11 gas tanks out for the show, and Biltwell sent out cases of helmets, and a bunch of top shelf artists painted them up for you to viddy.

Sonny Boy with a dual filler Narrow Alien gas tank he painted for the show.

Sonny Boy

The Harpoon

Kutty Noteboom


Veterans, Thank You For Your Service!

A heartfelt thanks goes out to all our Veterans & troops! Thanks for keeping the King of England out of our face, and everyone else too. This all-original Harley-Davidson WLA is tucked away in the back corner at Colony Machine.

Help name this project!

This year both Tyler and myself will be taking new race bikes out to Bonneville Speed Week chasing records, you may have seen some updates on our Facebook page but we haven't said too much on the blog yet. Here is a mock up photo (and yes I know the front end has no travel, it's a MOCK UP!!) of my new Bonneville Salt Flats bike project. I will be starting build threads on Jockey Journal and on Chop Cult as soon as I get some time to sit down and load the pictures up! This is going to be low and lean, 8 inches longer, and 8 inches lower than a stock Triumph! I need a little help though, I don't usually buy into naming bikes, but somehow it is different for a race bike. There is a long tradition of it, so come on and help me think of a cool name for it! I have a couple I like, and Tyler's suggestions are just wrong (I won't even put them in print haha), so help me think of some cool bike/project names and if I use it I will send you a care package with some cool stuff! Cheers, Kyle

New Holdiay Help!

That's right, the holidays are coming! Orders are pouring in, so we had to get some extra packaging help for the holidays. Meet Bluey and Tasha, they are fully trained and ready to work! Now we just have to make sure these frisky and single kids don't start any covert office romances! They are really cute together and share a love for skating!

Free Embroidered Patch with Salt Ghost DVD, While Supplies Last!

We did up some 3" round embroidered patches, a vintage Salt Flats racing support patch type of deal. While they last we are throwing one in free with every Salt Ghost DVD purchase on the website, and also have the patch available for $5 each! Makes a perfect gift!

We Need Your Photos: David Bird Hardtails & Frames

We are looking for any photos of David Bird hardtails in action, as rollers or preferably finished bikes. Triumphs, XS650's, Sportsters, if you are running one of David's frames or hardtails please email over some photos. Also include the stretch & drop of your frame so we can include that info and use some photos on our website to show off different frame styles. If we use your photos on our site we will hook you up with a nice care package, so send 'em over or take some nice pics! Thank you!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Slab City Riot 3 Cancelled!!

Here is the scoop straight from Biltwell, if you were on your way make plans accordingly!

During yesterday's pre-run of the Slab City venue, city officials in the area strongly advised cancelling the event. Failure to do so, we were told, might result in significant headaches from local law enforcement. To avoid such grief, Slab City Riot 3 is cancelled.

Our sincerest apologizes to the riders, sponsors and volunteers who have invested so much time and treasure leading up to this event.

The Wuss Ride is still pulling out of Temecula, CA, at 11:00 am Friday, and will end at a new undisclosed location for desert riding and camping.

If you want to go riding and camping with friends, please visit the Wuss Ride blog for more information.

Be forewarned: What the Wusses are doing Friday is NOT an official ANYTHING. This means bring your own food, bring your own booze, bring your own everything.

Again, we're sorry. Thanks for your understanding.

Another Killer Engraved Solo Seat Pan

Steve sent us these pics of his newly engraved Cast Aluminum Solo Seat. Absolutely amazing work, this is the second one we have seen from Heather @ New Line Engraving, and I hope to see more!

"Thanks to a post on your blog, your aluminum seat and a short drive out to meet Heather of New Line Engraving. I’m now the proud owner of one kick ass seat... Check out the pictures, absolutely amazing. I’ve bought a few other things from you guys, when the build is done I send more pictures.
- Steve
Calgary Canada"



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