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Slab City Riot 3 This Friday & Saturday! November 4th & 5th, 2011 Slab City, Niland, California

This weekend! Slab City Riot 3 in Niland, California. Last year there were over 1,200 people who descended onto Slab City on the outskirts of the Salton Sea to take in the fresh air and quaint charm of this idyllic getaway. Ride on out (or drive) and enjoy free entry and camping, watch people beat the crap out of eachother with wifflebats in the Coctagon, and have a good time. You won't regret taking this trip when you are an old man so get on it, son.

We sent out a bottle of vodka hand painted and gilded by Shawn Long of Imperial House 71. This is the trophy for the Slowbrow (slow) Race, part of the yard games that will be taking place.

And our friend Josh (who runs our Lowbrow booths at Longbeach Swap and other west coast events) and his wife will be running the free Lowbrow bar. Pretty simple concept, we bought hundreds of dollars in booze and are giving it out for free, until it runs out. So stop by the Lowbrow booth and say a sentence that starts with 'I'll take a shot of...' or ends with 'and coke' and they will have you covered! Tips are appreciated for your gracious bartendress of course!

Customer Bike Spotlight: Bobes' S&S "Drag Bike"

hi from spain guys!!!!!

mi name is bobes, here is my last bike ,wearing with some of the shit you sell.hope you like it...

builder: me & my pals at speed metal
frame: santee goosenek traded for some old bike shit
fuel burner: s&s 96, shovel copy...
shemale (a.k.a trans) : 70's 4 speed survivor (shifts like crap...)
bars: keyno
seat: white...
tail light: lowbrow
oil filter: lowbrow
paint: no money...some sitckers and spray.
air filter: church of choppers
pipes: home made shotguns

gas cap: crashed sportster piston
rear fender: old spare wheel cover...i think.
wheels: 21'' & 18'' - avon
gas tank: sportster modified

El Diablo Run DVD Screening, December 17th, 2011 Cleveland, Ohio!

We set up a screening of the El Diablo Run DVD (to be released next month!) at The Spitfire Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Check out the event page on Facebook here for updates. It is a free event, come on out and eat some free grub, watch the film, hang out and talk motorcycles while it is snowing like crazy outside. Cheap drinks and punk rock, you can't go wrong! Brought to you by Lowbrow Customs, Biltwell, Inc., Four Aces Cycle and The Gasbox.

Patch-stravaganza! a.k.a. Get Patched In

We knocked out ten new patch designs and they are all finished up and for sale here! A large back patch version of our popular winged motorcycle wheel design, a couple new Sportster patches and a smattering of other cool designs. At only $5 a pop for the small patches ($14.95 for large back patch) the price can't be beat!

Bonneville Short Film Teaser!

Lowbrow Customs Bonneville Salt Flats 2011 Trailer from Jon on Vimeo.

Our friend Jon Glover came out to Bonneville Speed Week 2011 with us this past August and took thousands of great photos as well as filming throughout the week. He told us he was going to put together some cool clips, but then sent us this, A teaser for a short film he is putting together on our 2011 race experience! It looks amazing Thanks Jon, we can't wait to see it!

Customer Bike Spotlight: Magnus's Finnish Triumph

"Hi Tyler, Happy you like it! Been watching the Salt Ghost DVD a few times during the rebuild...

The bike is a 1953 6T Thunderbird sold new in Sweden back in -53. (Still got the original bill of sale and title. I´m the 5th owner!) It was cut up in the 70's as a typical Swedish chopper. In the 90's it was found in boxes and rebuilt to look more or less like this. When I got hold of it a few
years back it was fairly beaten up and ran like a sack of shit compared to now.

The engine is rebuilt with .060 oversize pistons and new valves. Still have the original cast cylinder and head. High lift cams and balanced flywheel. Changed the pointsplate and bearings on the Lucas K2FC magneto and got a new ATD for it. Scrapped the single Dellórto carb that came with the bike for twin Amal 928s. Now it runs beutifully. I also rebuilt the gearbox, primary and clutch. And got a new generator so I sometimes got lights...

- Wheels are 21" and 18" on Akront rims.
- Triumph TLS front brake.
- Magura and Tomaselli controls.
- Moon oil tank.

Have not decided on paint yet. Kind of dig the raw finish. It won´t do any records on the salt but for beating around the gravel roads of Finland it´s a blast!


The Harpoon's P-Nut Tank for Oil & Water Art Show

Our firend The Harpoon is one of the artists at the Oil & Water Art Show coming up November 12th at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. We sent him one of our P-Nut gas tanks to paint for the show, and he just sent us this update:

"Got the tank in on the weekend. Full speed ahead with prep. I use a primer that dries glossy.
These tanks need very little Bondo to be readied. Nice one Tyler. Thank you, Harpoon"

Also, our bros over at Biltwell, Inc. and ChopCult set up a Shop Crawl to the art show starting from Biltwell HQ in Murrieta, then on to Classic Cycles in Orange, and on to Cro Customs in Culver City and on to the show. Meet up with them at any of the stop sand ride to the show in style.

Customer Bike Spotlight: Raphael's 2001 Sportster

Raphael Conte runs Conte Kustoms down in Pelham, Alabama. He sent us pics of his recently finished Sportster that features a handful of parts he got here at Lowbrow (Aris style triangle headlight, Biltwell bars, risers and seat, fender, etc). In his own words:

"The bike is a 2001 Sportster 883 with 9k miles. All the stock tins & lights got canned. I put the Biltwell risers and Frisco handlebars narrowed 2" on each side. Single cable jackhammer throttle, no control switches. The tank is a Pandemonium STR tank. The seat is a Bitwell custom mounted. Burly Slammer 10.5" shocks. The fender came from you guys, I just cut it down and made it fit. The headlight and side mount bullet tail light also came from you guys. The front end was shaved, no front brakes. Tires are AVON MK II's. All the tins were powdercoated 85% gloss black. No paint on this bike. The motor is stock, I just added the air cleaner and pipes. I think that about sums it up. Thanks man!"

THIS SATURDAY: Salt Ghost Chicago Screening

This Saturday! The Salt Ghost midwest screening in Chicago on October 22nd in conjunction with the Hellrider versus Godzilla Halloween party! Wes White of Four Aces is flying out on Friday, Kyle and I drive out Friday morning, and Greg & Katy are coming out Saturday morning. Should be an action packed fun weekend, come on out!

Motorcycle show starting at 1pm at Ace Motorcycle & Scooter Company (1042 West Jackson, Chicago, IL) followed by an 8pm screening of The Salt Ghost at The Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL 60607), with live music by London Calling to follow at 10pm!

AEE Choppers Bonneville Pit Crew

Scanned this out of a copy of Hot Bike from December, 1971. AEE Choppers knew how to do it, that is for sure. The caption from the photo above: "AEE Choppers at Bonneville. When Leo Payne and Mel Disharoon of AEE's High Performance Division go racing, they do it in style. Leo's beautiful Molly painted Sportster is backed up by one of AEE's custom Cessna twins, also covered with Molly's epoxy magic, and the wildest pit crew ever."

Lowbrow Customs needs to step up our game for Bonneville Speed Week next year!


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