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Taco Moto Tuesday, January 17th 2017

After what feels like and entire three weeks (because it was about that long) Taco Moto Tuesday starts back up for 2017. Weekly, on Tuesdays.... follow @TacoMotoTuesday on the IG for meet spots and locations. 

Pray for the sun to return so all my photos aren't blurry dark orbs of night...


Last week @AlienBuilt announced the dates for this years ALIEN RUN 2017 and within about 48 hours all hotel rooms in Rachel Nevada sold out. But the FREE CAMPING available there extends to the horizons in all directions (except that which leads into the restricted Groom Lake direction).

JUNE 2nd and 3rd, 2017
Rachel Nevada
Little A' Le' Inn

Brobot Lives!!!

NEW *** BLUE VELVET 2016 *** Annual Photography Book Available Now

 We're proud to release our 7th ANNUAL, advertisement free DIY photography book!
Dedicated to our dear friend Arturo Zamarripa IV 1982-2016
along with 9 other new products (shirts and patches) we've been working on and stockpiling for the last two weeks.

As an overbearing consumerism and corporate infiltration continues to grow within our own community(s), this is our DIY rooted-ethics response, SEVEN YEARS strong! Each year more refined than the last. In producing these books we look back to our punk rock roots when we used to make xerox fanzines during high school and trade/sell them in the back classified of MRR & Flipside. We reject the dependence on the current mass media ad filled publishing and mega event societal structures and present this work as merely an alternative choice you're free to make for yourself. We encourage self organizing, volunteering, donating, and contributing to the smaller grassroots campouts and parties where creative freedoms are not prepackaged mass produced products.

People not Profits.

Book and Shirt orders will ship with FREE shop rags, stickers, and buttons while supplies last.
Patches only will ship with FREE stickers.

TACO (Pickled Eggs) TUESDAY Joe Jost's

We took Taco Moto Tuesday and decided we're going to head to Joe Jost's in Long Beach! So instead of eating delicious tacos and pigging out, we're going to stuff pickled eggs and pretzels and Joe's Specials in our faced instead, and wash it all down with delicious thirst quenching beers!!! Success!!!

Thanks to Taco Moto Tuesday for yet another awesome Tuesday Night in AMERICA!
God Bless the USA
Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

BEST OF 2016 ~ Knives and Knuckles Social Club Campout

June 11th 2016
The Knives and Knuckles Social Club Campout

...yet another awesome FREE campout, this time at the Falcon Crest Campground up into the Ortega Highway. Put on by the Knives and Knuckles Social Club, without sponsors or vendors or any of that other profiteer bullshit we're seeing more and more and more of in the chopper / riding community. Keep the exploitation at the big corporate fist fuck fests. Keeping the true spirit of grassroot events alive!!! More pics at Nick Faught Photography

Support, Contribute, Donate, Volunteer. 
Make Grassroot Events happen!

BEST OF 2016 ~ Last night was Kitmas...

Kitmas comes but once a year! 

Lighting ceremony for CANDY CANE LANE in the city of El Segundo, CA., made even better with Kitmas added by @wussarmy Kit!!! FREE to attend, potluck, booze, and LIVE MUSIC by the Royal Rats. Surf music and Christmas going together like Mistletoe hanging over the Spiked Eggnog bowl!!! Thanks to the Royal Rats for playing and everyone who brought food for the potluck and who came out from as far away as San Diego (Beerbreed family) and even GreaserRex who came out from OHIO!!!! Cheers & Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

See y'all next year!

Moonshine sipping' Kit

BEST OF 2016 ~ The Alien Run

There's a theme with the BEST OF 2016 posts this year...

It's Grassroot Events. For the most part, they fall under the FREE category. Free to attend and free to campout! BYOB or buy it from the Little A'Le'Inn that allows the take-over invasion of the Alien Run attendees each year and bring a little party to the middle of nowhere!!! Seriously, it's a small town and they've got the down home hospitality to prove it. The Alien Run 2016 is by far one of the best runs of the year. Head out to Rachel Nevada and see how things are organized by BMG (@alienbuilt on IG). 


Alien Run 20016

BEST OF 2016 ~ Born Free'R Quaking Aspen Campout

There comes a time when you're over the brand name event hype and the larger crowds and you just want to bring it back to what it should be about; riding motorcycles and camping with new friends and old. Attendance numbers are meaningless. What you lack in vendors, sponsors, and over crowded conditions, you make up for ten fold under nature. Exchange everything negative for open roads, beautiful views, exploring the wilderness on two wheels, next to FREE camping (you still gotta be self sufficient but no one's going to be raping your ass for $75 to lay a sleeping bag on the dirt). Another great example of supporting grassroot events!

Quaking Aspen - June 25th 2016

Light the Menorah with my crazy Aunt Flora... that's KITMAS to me!!!!!

Oi! What'a a Snore'ah!!!

KITMAS time is here again...

So... what's Kitmas?

It's the annual lighting of Candy Cane Lane Ceremony, except we preempt it with a lawn party and surf music (provided by the awesomeness of The Royal Rats), pot luck (bring anything, booze is never frowned upon, but your strawberry vodka laced ambrosia salad is fine too), and all around Christmas festivities! 

For details and more information, you gotta follow @wussarmy on the IG.

BEST OF 2016 ~ Taco Moto Tuesday

Not exactly a single event by any means, Taco Moto Tuesday is a weekly gathering of like minded riders who head out in search of tacos, beers, and oral stimulation (yeah, we talk to each other. Novel idea aye?). Nothing says you have to attend every week, come out when you can and join the group. One things for sure, Don will order a hamburger and everyone else will usually opt for the tacos... There's more Taco Moto Tuesday pictures coming from specific events within TMT, but this small collection of photos is picked at random.

follow @TacoMotoTuesday on IG for meet times and locations!



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