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I need to take a break from looking at bikes all day

So sometimes I stop laying out a page or writing a feature and hit YouTube to, yes, look at even more bikes.

I would love to know where these crappy 'documentaries' source all their images and old footage of club members on their bikes (from what looks like the late fifties and early sixties). If all those little snippets could be cut together... nice.

Look east

No one beats the Japanese chopper mags for their combination of quality and content.

The latest Cycle Headz is full, as ever, of lovely stuff (I worked out this is a '47, above, but everything else is in Japanese, so don't ask me).

Get a copy, if you can. Thanks Mochi and Yusuke!

Bit less seasoning please

Just over three months ago, I took this photo riding home from a lazy lunch in the country with Pete. Chuck Taylors and sunshine, Ray Bans and warm air. Perfect.

So don't give me that old bollocks about how you love the seasons: watching the leaves turn then drop; waking to that muffled silence that tells you the first snow has fallen; waiting for the spring flowers to push their way through frost.

I don't want seasons. I want sunshine, every day. All year round.

I had that, pretty much, in Australia. In the ten years we lived there, NSW was officially 'in drought'. Ideal in biking terms. (Obviously slightly less ideal in population sustainability terms.)

Still can't get used to the descent into four or five months of freezing, wet – and soon to be snow-covered – misery here.

I need to get to LA or Sydney, fast.

Next week... Verona!

If it's as much fun as last year, it will be good. We're heading for the Verona 'Motor Bike Expo' next Thursday and will be there until the Monday.

Come along to buy magazines, hats, stickers... you know, the usual.

And hopefully Ben will be on hand again to make the GKM display a little more, well, Hassidic.

Great photos of bikers in their natural habitat

If you're in London between 24 January and 3 February, get along to Sam Christmas's photography exhibition. He really is one of the finest photographers covering the chopper scene at the moment.

A good shop for parts and mags in the UK

My mate Sean runs a neat little store selling the world's coolest chopper parts and mags... including GKM.

Support the independents! Give him a call. He will treat you right and he knows what he's talking about.

CLICK HERE to see their wares!

Chicken Poo, coming at you

In the new issue we finally have a feature on the funkiest flathead this side of the Atlantic, Boneshaker Choppers' 'Chicken Poo'. Benny will give us the lowdown on how and why this crazy 45 ended up in his hands.

Shot for us by the extremely talented Sam Christmas.


Two years.

Miss you mate.



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