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Hell On Wheels Chopper Show 2016 - Part 2

More photos from the magical Weaseland...

Enough pre-partying... come back tomorrow for more pics!

Hell On Wheels Chopper Show 2016 - Part 1

Hell On Wheels Chopper Show is this coming weekend (10/7/17) in Franklin, IA.  Time for a look back at last year's show.   I rode my Road King, which is about as "un-chopper" as it gets but I didn't care and I had a blast.  I followed the river south.  These photos are from Maiden Rock, WI.

I eventually crossed into Iowa and ride was great.

I made it to Weaseland by dark and set up my tent.  I certainly appreciated Michael's hospitality.  His place was incredible.

More from Weaseland tomorrow!

First Thursday at Dulono's - End of an Era

In case you haven't heard, Dulono's Pizza announced the closing of its uptown location on July 9th (Facebook post).  Dulono's was the the home of the biggest monthly bike night in the Twin Cities for many, many years.  The first time I attended was July 2010 (original blog post).  I would typically attend multiple times per year but more recently I spent my First Thursdays at the uptown VFW (which no longer has a bike night) and Heavy Thursdays at The Joint/Cabooze.

Here are a few photos from July 2010 in full glorious color (longtime followers of G&C will remember I used to only post black-and-white photos).

Recognize some of these bikes and want to see lots more?  Here's a link to all of my blog posts from First Thursdays at Dulono's Pizza:

I don't know if a new location will ever emerge to take Dulono's place and host a bike night of this size.  The Joint/Cabooze has Heavy Thursdays and I'm sure lots of other locations would LOVE to have the crowd show up that used to attend at Dulono's.  Maybe people will still show up at the old location anyway.  I have no idea.

Rest assured, there are lots of other bike nights around the Twin Cities but they tend to be smaller and more specialized.  Here are just a few.
What I'll miss most about bike night at Dulono's was the HUGE crowd filling multiple parking lots and side streets and the wide diversity of bikes from Harleys to vintage to cafe racers to rat bikes to sport bikes and everything in between.  The pizza was good too.

The Moto Collective - Fourth Friday - July 2017

I stopped by The Moto Collective for their Fourth Friday Open House on 7/28.  I love to check out what they're working on.

CROIG #001 developing a little patina:

CROIG #002:

Love was in the air... beetle love:

Works in progress:

Parking lot bikes and vans:

I love this Sporty:

Heavy Thursdays - July 2017

Here are some photos from Heavy Thursday earlier this month.  I'm still busy sifting through all the photos from Full Tilt which was just two days after this.  This was like the pre-party to the pre-party.

I rode my 883R:

I got my first glimpse at Ryan's new bike:

Heal up Zack...

Lots of crazy details on this one:

Cool old trike:


Always lots of good bikes to see:

Of course, I can't forget this boat-themed bike.

Just kidding.  I made the mistake of calling it "boat-themed" when I first posted photos of it.  I was corrected and shown the sidecar is truly a fully functioning boat!!!  The details on this thing are incredible and I especially love the arcade joystick and buttons.  The retractable wheels on the bottom for easy loading/unloading are genius.

The next Heavy Thursday is August 3rd!!!

Two Wheel Disorder - 8/19

Just helping spread the word for a new event this year that looks pretty fun...  Two Wheel Disorder will be held on August 19th at Midway MX Park in Plainview, MN (southeast Minnesota).  There's racing (dirt oval), a bike show, and lots more.

They're also busy building a scrambler out of a 1977 ironhead Sportster to raffle off.  It looks insane so far (in a good way).  I seriously hope whoever wins it immediately takes it out on the motocross course for a victory lap.
Photo from the event's Facebook page, credit: Scott Stephans

Heavy Thursdays - June 2017

Get excited!  This Thursday is Heavy Thursday and this Saturday is Full Tilt Boogie Chopper Show.  This year is the 7th year of Full Tilt and I haven't missed one yet.  This year will be the first one hosted at The Joint/Cabooze, same place as Heavy Thursdays.  Here are some photos from last Heavy Thursday on June 1st.

Full Tilt Boogie 2016 - Part 10

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Full Tilt Boogie Chopper Show was absolutely awesome last year.  I've gone every year and it was the best one yet.  Don't miss this year's show July 8th starting at noon at a NEW VENUE.  The show is being held at The Joint / Cabooze in Minneapolis this year.

"Tell you the truth, the truck is, uh, you know, the most important thing for me. I... I don't really... it doesn't matter if I, uh, become the champion or anything. That's, that's not the most important... I... I need this truck."- Lincoln Hawk

"I should be able to blow them away real easy. There's a lot more technique involved and you can't beat experience." - Carl Adams

See you in July!!!

Full Tilt Boogie 2016 - Part 9

More Mothership!!!

"I'm not so enthused about people coming up and patting me on the back saying "you're the best". I don't need people to do that to me. If I win, its because I wanted to be the best one time in my life." - Mad Dog Madison

I'll wrap up Full Tilt coverage tomorrow.  Come back for one more round!

Full Tilt Boogie 2016 - Part 8

Get ready to trip on the Ship at Full Tilt Boogie...

"I always wanted to be a milk shake." - Lincoln Hawk

OK...about this photo...  First, be glad some random person's arm is in the way (I have other photos but I'm not posting them).   Then, uh... yeah...  Kenny did exactly what you think he did.  He probably did more than you think he did.  I'm not sure how good of an imagination you have.  Jake arm wrestled him anyway.

"He doesn't even belong on my arm wrestling table. That's my area, that's my game, and he's got no shittin' business there. And all I want to do is hurt him, cripple him, get him off the table. And so he never dares try to compete against me again." - Bob 'Bull' Hurley

More photos of Mothership, choppers and stuff tomorrow!


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