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Gophers and Cheese is a motorcycle blog focused on Minnesota and Wisconsin near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul. Since 2010, Gophers and Cheese has featured original photos and write-ups of motorcycles, great places to ride, and local events in the area.


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Progressive International Motorcycle Show, Feb 2020

The only motorcycle event I attended in 2020 was the Progressive International Motorcycle Show .  It's fun to see new models in person, including a prototype for the Pan America.  There's usually some custom and vintage bikes at the show too.  For 2021, the show converted to an outdoor event and is skipping Minneapolis this year.  Hopefully it'll be back next year as it's usually a fun indoor winter event.

Konawerks Bike Show, Sep 2019

Back in 2019, the Konawerks Bike Show was held at Fulton Taproom instead of Grumpy's.  I took my kids so I drove to the show instead of rode... sacrilege, I know.  I managed to take a few photos when I wasn't busy trying to wrangle my kids.  While the beer and food were certainly good, the setup for a bike show wasn't as conducive to photo-taking as Grumpy's parking lot was.  I'm not sure what the plan is for this year but follow their Facebook page for details.

Donnie Smith Show, Feb 2016 - Part 4

Well, I'm finally wrapping up coverage from the Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show from way back in 2016.  Unlike my prior posts you'll see a bit of the swap meet and car show here too.  If that's not your thing, don't worry, there are more motorcycles ahead too.  This year's show is scheduled for May 21-23, 2021.  It's a later in the year than normal so, if you're planning to go, mark your calendar.


Donnie Smith Show, Feb 2016 - Part 1

I took way too many photos at the Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show back in 2016 to cram into a single blogpost so let's just get started...

Check back over the next few days for more photos!

Dirty Rotten Bikerfest, May 2016

I dug deep into my archives to pull out some photos from Dirty Rotten Bikerfest 2016.  I was attending a lot of events and getting burned out on blogging around this time so there are a lot of 2016-and-later events I never posted photos from (except for a handful on Instagram).  It's crazy to think it was 5 years ago.  Looking back and remembering the event, it was a beautiful sunny day.  I packed my 883R (flame bike) for camping but don't think I understood that the camping, unlike the prior year, was offsite.  Since I lived close enough, I just headed home instead of the campsite.  I'm sure I missed out on some fun but oh well.  The show is scheduled to be back this year, May 1st, 2021 (no camping).  Check their website for details.

11th Blogiversary

Gophers and Cheese is 11 years old today.  I probably should have made a bigger deal for the 10th but, you know... pandemic.  Stay safe out there, keep looking forward to good times ahead, and don't lose your sense of humor.  The fact you're reading a rodent & dairy-themed motorcycle blog is a clear sign that hope is not lost.

I've been pretty bad at blogging over the last few years.  I still went to a lot of shows and took lots of photos (except last year) so, over the coming weeks (months?) I will dip into my photo archives and share photos from some of the shows that I never blogged about.  Far be it from me to deny someone out there the thrill of saying "hey look, some random dude took a picture of my bike and put it on the Internet."  I doubt I'll get through all of them before getting burnt out on photo editing and blogging again but we'll see how it goes.



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