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Save 10% with Get Lowered Cycles

Our friends at Get Lowered Cycles want to offer the community a savings of ten percent off their website. Go to and use the code ChopCult7 at checkout. The sale ends on 2/5 - some brands excluded from this promotion. Happy shopping! Please follow Get Lowered Cycles on Facebook and Instagram! Thanks - Lisa

Save 20% with Sweatshop Industries

Big thanks to Frankie and Jeff at Sweatshop Industries for their support over the years. They have graciously offered the cc community 20% off any custom sissy bar bag. Please click here to purchase your bag and use the code: brodeal at checkout to save. Be sure to give Sweatshop Ind. a follow on Facebook and Instagram. I want to wish Frankie a very Happy Birthday! - Lisa

Ten dollar sale from Painthuffer Metal Flake!!!!!

I can't thank Brian at Painthuffer Metal Flake enough for developing the 33 custom micro metal flake. He has graciously lowered the price to ten dollars a jar until Friday (2/7) at midnight. Please click here to add some vibrant color to your world! A special thanks to Smith Concepts for the great artwork. Keep in mind that a portion of the sale of every jar of the #33customflake benefits Moto F.A.M.. Please follow Painthuffer on Facebook and Instagram! Thanks - Lisa

Save 25% with No School Choppers

No School Choppers have been a supporter since day one. Fast forward to 2020, and Sean was the first advertiser to re-up for the year. For that, I thank him because, without advertising support, CC would be another social media outlet. Please go to to save 25 percent on NSC license plate brackets and custom taillights by using the code CHOPCULT7. Thanks again, Sean! Kindly follow No School Choppers on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks -Lisa

Save 10% With McKeag Art

Darren McKeag​ is solid to the core and always down to support the community. Please go to to save ten percent by using the code FEB10 at checkout. But that's no all!!!!! Keep Feb 29th open because Darren is taking over ChopCult's Instagram account for 24 hours. I can't Darren enough for his help, time, and friendship. Give Darren a follow on Facebook and Instagram for his ongoing support for our community! Thanks!!! -Lisa

Save 25% with Gnarly Magazine

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Johnny at Gnarly Magazine over the years. Please click here to save 25% by using the code CHOPCULT25 @ checkout.
This sale ends on Wednesday, Feb 5th, at midnight (EST).
After you treat yourself, hit up their YouTube channel & check out their Cheap Thrills video and subscribe. -Lisa
1st photo by @panhead_jim.

Save 25% with Rolling Heavy Magazine

Go to to save 25% by using the code ROLLING25 at checkout. I want to thank Matt for his kind donation and ongoing support for the ChopCult community. Please follow Rolling Heavy Magazine on Instagram and Facebook! -Lisa

From Lisa

Well, folks, tomorrow marks my seventh year with To celebrate this small victory, I have asked a few of our friends to grant me unique codes for YOU to use on their websites. First off, the cc owners would like to gift you ten percent off any ChopCult branded item on using the code Lisa7 @ checkout. This sale excludes motorcycle parts found in the marketplace and any other brands listed. I appreciate your never-ending support! -Lisa

New ChopCult Bike Feature: Unashamed

Take a moment to check out Unashamed built by 33 member James Luther!

Let's go racing!

Support our friends at Hell On Wheels today at Glen Helen Raceway! Bring the family and have a ball!


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