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New Alpha Camp Blanket From Abel Brown

"When it's time to crash, make sure your tent feels like a cozy home to get a good night sleep before another day pounding the pavement. When a full heavy big sleeping bag is overkill, the Alpha Blanket is perfect to keep you warm and cozy on the chilly nights. With snaps at all corners you can even wrap it around you, or snap yourself up like a taco. 

Made with our engineered Synthetic down, it has great puffy loft, and dries much quicker then down in case it ever gets wet. It also compresses down nice and tight just like down and unlike other synthetic sleeping bags or blankets."- Mike Fischer at Abel Brown

Limited availability - Weight: 1lb, 6oz. - Full Size: 80" x 51" - Compressed size: 8" long, 6" diameter

Nor Cal Cycle and Car Swap 8/2/2020

You have until midnight tonight PST to reserve your vendor spot. They also accept cash on Sunday, vendor gates open at 7 AM.

From Russ Brown's Blog - Meet Ben Zales

Take a moment to meet Ben "The Boog" Zales, he's been shooting all the coolest bikes in California.
Article by Becky Goebel / Photos by Ben Zales


Support our friends at Bell Powersports and Ride and Destroy for the BELL BRAWL on August 9th, at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroads. The fun begins at 3 pm. Click here for complete information.

Source Media Group Presents - Sturgis Live! 80 Years In A Day

Can't Go To Sturgis This Year? No Problem We're Bringing It To You!
With the pandemic nearly canceling the most significant motorcycle rally in the world, Cycle Source Magazine brings you "Sturgis Live" 2020, 80 Years In A Day. A backstage pass to The Sturgis 80th Anniversary with hosts Pat Jansen, Jack Schit, and Chris Callen, who will scour the rally to bring you a look behind every curtain. You will take the most epic rides with them, visit the monuments and parks, ride down Main Street, and of course, go to the legendary parties that make Sturgis what it is today. 

There have been motorcycles coming to the Black Hills of South Dakota for over eight decades to enjoy the scenic rides, the brotherhood of the sport, and the good times surrounding the Sturgis Rally. This year, it came down to the wire as the American Motorcycle Culture, and the industry that supported it started to get ready for the 80th running of Sturgis, it looked like it might not happen. In the end, the city of Sturgis voted to move forward with the rally but the questions loom, who will be there, what will it look like and how will this year add up in the history books of the Sturgis Rally. Join Cycle Source Magazine's Chris Callen, a 25-year veteran in the motorcycle media and events world, who has assembled a team of lifelong riders who also happen to be among the most prominent voices in the industry. Pat Jansen has represented some of the biggest names in motorcycling and, at the same time, has built bikes and cars under the name Sin Central Garage. Jack Schit has walked onto the biggest stages on the planet, to emcee some of the largest and longest-running motorcycle events. Together these three will not stop until every question is answered. Join us as we go through 180 minutes of discovery into a part of this great country that bore pioneers, outlaws, gamblers, and statesmen, and of course, became the epicenter of the motorcycle universe. This is Sturgis Live 2020, 80 Years In A Day.

All of this is possible through a partnership with FITE TV, the global network responsible for the recent Moto Fite Club, and Flat Track Fite Club Pay Per View events. FITE TV has a long and successful history in distributing Martial Arts & Boxing events with over 2.4 million registered users and is now expanding their programming to include motorsports. To reach the American motorcycle riders with programs tailored made for them, Source Media has been brought on as a content creator to provide several offerings from the Custom and touring Motorcycle Scene in The United States. With Grease & Gears Garage, Roadshow & A Few New Offerings coming up, added into special event programs like Sturgis Live, Source Media is confident that they will have no problem filling the segment for FITE. "I think the greatest thing about this is that we are at a time where we (lifetime riders) can finally be in control of programming like this and show people who and what exactly we are. Up until now, the image of naked drunk people getting arrested is what the general public thinks of when you say, Sturgis. This year we are going to change all that and express the metaphysical side that calls to the adventurous spirits that go back to the pioneers and settlers."

So how can you watch it? Anyone with Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, The Internet, or Smart TV can bring up FITE TV or go directly to our program at and get in on the action. You can pre-purchase this program now on FITE TV for $14.99 or anytime up until Aug 19, 7:00 PM EDT when we go live, just days after the rally ends. Find out for yourself what the 80th in Sturgis really was.

Support the NORCAL Cycle and Car Swap

Otto and Hater received the green light for the NORCAL CYCLE AND CAR SWAP at West Wind Drive-In in Sacramento, CA. Click here to grab your vendor spot now and tell them ChopCult sent you!

Special savings from Alpha 6

Alphanamel, the hottest lettering enamel on the market, is now available in 48 colors! Use the code CHOPCULT for 10% off site wide!


Our friends at Lowbrow Customs teamed up with the ever-talented Cycle Monster for an ongoing series Lowbrow Learnins. Enjoy!

Support The 4th Annual Twin Rivers Chopper Campout

Click here for full details.

Heading to Sturgis? Stay at CAMP ZERO

CAMP ZERO is the launch site for raising hell and rallying like the old days—a place where you can party like it's 1981 with other cheapskates who love rad bikes, dirtbag friends and wild parties during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. If you're down with a little dirt and debauchery, you're invited. With friends, an on-site bar, a handful of community Coleman mini bikes (aka Smile Makers) and free showers, you'll have everything you need to party, rinse and repeat, with none of that fancy red carpet stuff you gotta pay more for somewhere else. 
If you want music in camp, bring your own instruments cause nobody.s getting paid to play. There’s plenty of space if you want to crash in a tent, van or camper. If you don't have room on the back of the bike for a tent, you can sleep in the dirt like an animal OR rent an authentic, no-frills tipi with room for you and up to five of your friends, or more if you don't care how many pile up on your floor.
CAMP ZERO is located across Alkali Road from the Buffalo Chip Campground next to the Chip,s PowerSports Complex. Click here to reserve your camping spot NOW!


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