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Upcoming Event: Backroad BBQ Run II

Click here to read Panhead Jim's article focusing on the upcoming Backroad BBQ Run. We want to thank Jim for his help and welcome him to the ChopCult Family.

Do you use the classified section? If yes, please read.

- Please don't use ChopCult Classifieds to direct members to listings on other sites (Webpages, Bigcartel stores, eBay, CL, Instagram, etc).
- Ads with nudity will be removed.
- Please add the item name, your location and price to the title, upload a photo and give a brief or detailed description about the item for sale.
- Do not post more than five (5) ads in a single day, combine your listings if needed.
- Please delete your classified listing once the item is sold or edit the listing as sold
- Do NOT send money through PayPal as a GIFT or FAMILY for payment on any classified.
- We highly recommend that you use a escrow service (such as for large amounts to prevent fraudulent deals; it gives the Buyer the chance to get his/her money back before funds are released to the seller.
- If your having trouble logging in, please log out and clear the Cache in your browser.

People's Champ: Vote for your favorite 13 NOW!

The poll is officially open for the People's Champ Competition. You can cast your vote for your favorite 13 builders here.

New Event: Central Jersey Swap Meet

Starting March 31 and running every third Sunday of every month til November at New Egypt Speedway, easy to get to, right down the road from Great Adventure. Follow us on Instagram for updates. Get in line early to gain vendor access - $15.00 per spot. See you soon!

Sissy Bar Giveaway

Click here to for the chance to win a custom sissy bar from Ria The Welder. We'll announce the lucky winner on March 7th. Best of luck.

Greasy Kulture Magazine #67

Go to to check the latest issue of Greasy Kulture which is available now.

Win a custom sissy bar!

ChopCult member
Ria Schnell is a welder/fabricator from British Columbia, Canada. She has been welding for over five years and building custom sissy bars for four. Ria builds them in her home shop on the weekends. She has made over 200 custom bars for motorcycles across the continent. "My sissy bars are all custom made to fit your bike, If you have a crazy idea for a design, I want to build it." -Ria Schnell

Click here for the chance to win a custom sissy bar. We'll announce the winner on March 7th, best of luck! We would like to thank Ria for her kind donation.

Welcome BAKER Drivetrain to the ChopCult Family

We want to thank the fine folks at BAKER Drivetrain for joining the ChopCult family.
"Motivated by gearheads that demand the greatest performance, we are and always will be dedicated to premium drivetrain standards tailored for the American Big-Twin motorcycle community. We are 100% committed to using materials, labor, creativity, know-how and grit that is born or made in the USA. As a company standing on the forefront of innovation in our market, we feel it is our duty to keep this company on the leading edge with domestic integrity. Buy American, by Americans. Ride free, worry free."- BAKER

Check out BAKER Drivetrain's website for your next upgrade and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram for supporting our community. Thanks!

New Tech Article: Build Custom Handlebars with Cry Baby Cycles

ChopCult contributor Josh Allison walks us through the process for fabricating a set of custom handlebars here. We want to thank Josh for putting together this tech article and his ongoing support!


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