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I receive numerous emails and DMs asking how they can support ChopCult. The answer is easy, check out our store and marketplace. Each outlet helps keep moving forward.

Please note: Most of our gear is print to ship so allow a few days before it's sent your way. Once you get your fancy gear share it and tag @chopcult for the chance to be featured. As always, thank you for your endless support! Peace - Lisa


Putting amputee veterans back on motorcycles is the mission of Combat Hero Bike Build, a charity that gives wind therapy back to those that need it most. Read John's moto story here.

Charlie's Golden Pan To Benefit The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum


In Charlie's memory, and in the spirit of the great thing he liked to call Motorsickilism, this incredible handcrafted 1961 Panhead Chopper is being raffled for $20 per chance or 6 opportunities for $100. On Friday, August 13, 2021, one lucky winner will be selected randomly through a third-party source to be the caretaker of Charlie’s legacy. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in Charlie's honor. It is the perfect way to end this story, maybe the only one that makes sense in the wake of such a tragic loss. Help put Charlie into the history books for one last great accomplishment.

This bike was originally built by an outstanding group including Mondo Porras of Denver's Choppers, Steve Massicotte and Kyle Brewer of Paughco, Panhead Billy at B&B Racing and, Dennis SanFelipo with many others contributing along the way. Originally this bike was meant to be part of the legend of the most perfect chopper ever built. After Charlie's premier motion picture effort in “Rebels On The Highway,” creator Brechtel set his sights on the second film derived from our culture titled “Rough Boys.” This time the storyline would reveal a host of clues throughout the film that would lead moviegoers on a scavenger hunt that would see one lucky winner end up with the Golden Pan and $10,000 cash. Some swore they had seen it; others doubted it existed; however, in the quest for it, the very bike you see before you was built. Unfortunately before finishing the movie project, Charlie was tragically taken from this world.

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Gas Roots Magazine Joins Our Marketplace

"Gas Roots will strive to bring you the best possible quality of issues from the content in the pages to the pages themselves. This is a publication the people will want to hold onto and keep on display in their homes and use as a reference on future projects. The passion the goes into each issue will be premiere and shown in these pages, in the builds, and in creating the issues. Gas Roots wants to showcase and inspire the motorcycle lifestyle." -Gas Roots Magazine

High Side Coffee Joins The Marketplace


"High Side packages high quality specialty coffee in single serve brew bags. We believe everyone should get out and explore, and be caffeinated while doing so. By choosing High Side Coffee, you're supporting direct trade import practices, sustainable farming, and a supply chain of small businesses. High Side Coffee was created as a solution to often watery, and usually stale travel coffee. As a team of campers, hikers, vanners, and travelers, we realized the greater need for convenient, tasty coffee that you could pack in, and pack out easily. From there, High Side Coffee was created. We realized that part of enjoying your coffee, either while traveling with Brew Bags, or from your pourover with Whole Bean, was knowing that you’re making a conscious purchase, from a company that understands the need for ethical and fair treatment, and payment of its partners." -High Side Coffee

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