So you be good to me and I'll be good to you, And in this land of conditions I'm not above suspicion I won't attack you, but I won't back you.

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can you diiiiiiiiig it?

The world is a mess but I'm conflicted, because i still get to look out my window and see my 10 year neighbor learning to ollie his skateboard on the sidewalk. A golden child, with a hardworking Mom and a dad that is out of the picture. " i love danger" this kid once told me. It made me smile.
The next day he had made me a drawing of an axe, a skateboard, and an eagle with the words -I love Danger- written above it. Through his eyes i can see a confidence and calm that could take down an empire, but i think his only desire is to challenge himself... weather its with his skateboard, pen and paper, or jumping missing chunks in the sidewalk with the other neighborhood kids. 
We are two beings on this planet earth, observing and participating in our own way, with over 30 years between us. Two different colors, two different experiences but we share conversation and i talk to him like an adult because honestly sometimes his views are the most honest and refreshing thing i hear all day. With all the hate and labels and lies i see, looking out my window can mute all of it. If you remove all the hate and fear in your heart and look inside what do you have left.... isn't that the part that should be nurtured. I don't consider my sell a politically correct person, i understand how fights start, i've had to protect my self many times, i'm a gun owner, a polluter, and far from perfect...... but i don't believe in hating someone for the color of their skin. I still believe in this world and it's power to laugh and love.


climbed out from under my rock for a Seen/Scene Report. Hello.

ashes to ashes

Jonah and his new paint

Elissa... one of the best.

Ken Time

Intermission with Tyler Boy

Reaction Action

I went to Australia the other month, I got as sick as i've ever been. This guy killed it.

Paddy and his father Pete...Legends....with Mr. Matt Machine. 

           Intermission with Ray Fonger

Assembly Show London.
Not going to lie, it was really a special time. 

Jer And MO  Winning

Dan's Clean Pan

Vince's perfect Pan

I met super mario

Mag and CHase

    Spanning Time

  Intermission with Derek and Josh

They End.

<=== Tom ===>


                                tom fugle 1941- 2016

   To write something about Tom took longer than i though it would. I actually wrote a little thing for Ripper the other week about Tom, so i wanted to give that its own time to digest in my thoughts before writing something here.
    My first thoughts about this man usually start with his life long dedication to his craft..... which is a slightly ambiguous term in reference to what Tom did with most of his life. Was he a bike builder...?? kind of. Was he a leather worker...? I guess, yes. Was he a painter....? Yeah, he painted. But i guess more coming from my eyes and my knowledge of the man he was just Tom. He was so many things. But not in that flash in the pan way, to jumping from one trend to another  type person, but a highly adaptable person. If there was something he wanted to learn or to do, i think he just went after it and perhaps not in the most conventional techniques. I saw him stamp leather belts in a turn of the century(like 117 years ago) letter press, he made me a pair of shoelaces from a paper cutter with leather in it, that was the size of a table, he was willing to glue or melt just about anything on to a tank or frame and resin over it to achieve the look he wanted. His ways were far from pragmatic, and as far as any order in his  workspace that would be highly debatable, but most likely inside of Tom's brain he knew it from A to Z. This lack of rules that Tom applied was very attractive, but really his own self taught way, the beauty in this it can't be duplicated, Tom can't be duplicated, the definition of -one of a kind-. With all the crap we deal with today, phones, cyber bombardment, fake people, trend humping, hyper criticism, and just false information...... how fucking refreshing it is to know someone that is completely real.
     Once while riding through Arizona Tom and Jeremiah were side by side riding in front of me, Tom took his hand off his throttle and grabbed Jeremiah my the left arm and yelled " ride fucking closer Jeremiah"........ it startled me, but i had to laugh, Tom had these ideals and if you were going to ride with him you were going to ride close to him, in a tight pack. Needless to say i throttled a bit closer to Tom as well. On that point, there are so many people that will criticize people to say saying "do you think those old guys cared about how they looked, or getting noticed?"
 Well yes, abso-fucking-lutely.... Tom had told us a story when they would go on long rides with few gas stops,and they all had peanut tanks. He said when they pulled into a town the locals couldn't figure out how they had just come 100 miles from the last town with this tiny little tanks... Tom said this " well we'd dig through the dumpster at the gas station, and find old gallon milk jugs or anything to hold gas, we'd fill them up and tuck them in our jackets, so when we were well down the road and had used up a gallon, we'd pull over and fill our tanks back up and ditch the container" Tom would follow this up with a laugh or a " ha ehhh" and maybe go into his story about his mom sending him a motor in a garbage can on a greyhound bus.
    It's a real loss with him, but damn i feel lucky to have known him. He literally cleared bikes aside in the El Forester parking lot when we showed up for their 50th. I'll never forget that night, those days, that trip. His face was alive and he was so proud we rode there on choppers. I was so surprised he even cared. But there you have it..... he did, and he loved his passions and the people involved in them. His resurgence was not needed for him to continue to build bikes or make his art, but it was undeniable how much he appreciated it.
    For all we learned from Tom, and how many people put him on blast, even profited off his name,  I have to admit it was shocking how few people showed up at the funeral. You can go half way across the country to go to a bike show, or buy a bike, but you can't pay your respects? Maybe that sounds harsh but it's true.
   In closing.... Long live the King.
max schaaf feb.16 2017

moon eyes 2016... couple photos

more to come....

pocket wifi hunter

 cold  kicking on the docks

HAUNT motorcycle, my pick for the trophy 

always will have weak spot for a 510



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