1950 WR Gear Cover

This is the "peek a boo" cover for the Harley-Davidson WR racing engine. -50R part number.  I need the inspection cover (front) with the 3 screws and gasket.  It's a cast piece.  Enfield Racing has one available with their (Enfield Racing logo), but I'd like a stock one.  Another thing, it's a Harley WR engine, not a Royal Enfield (which is where the name came from).  I suppose we could mill off the Enfield.  They should have made some stock ones too . . . a sale is a sale.

Malibu in Iowa (No Drive in Winter)

If you live in Malibu, you drive a Malibu. 
If you live in Iowa, you'll soon drive a rusty P.o.S. 

1930 Harley Model DL Cam Bushing

The No.3 bushing had spun in the case.  The cam is worn a bit, so a custom-made bushing is in order. 
I had Randy Mac spin me one out (from an FL pinion bushing).
Now I'll have some press-fit.  I'll use some Loc-Tite 620.  Maybe pin it too?  Old Harleys Never Die - Always Rebuild 'Em . . .

WR Idler Shaft Center Punch

Here's the little "center punch" that will press onto the WR idler shaft stud end.  Now I can slip the gear cover on, with all the cams in place, and start the gear cover screws, attaching the cover evenly until this center punch makes the perfect center to indicate where to drill my hole, and make the bushing. 
This will go in the box of tools and gadgets that never get used - ever again !

Jeff Wiley's '57XL

Our friend Jeff Wiley is more known for his high-performance ironhead stroker engines, drag racing and Bonneville runs, and the years he and Leo Payne campaigned drag bikes all across the country.  He's one of the few, remaining Harley-Davidson engine building master technicians and historians of a bygone vintage era.  However, he owns one of the nicest, stone stock, original 1957 Sportsters.  Here's a recent article from the Hagerty Insurance Magazine. 

TECH: Magneto

I build my own magnetos from parts.  Start with a good Fairbanks Morse body and go from there.  They usually work great (strong spark, etc.) . . . however, since it's the most "misunderstood" aspect of an engine build (compared to setting valves, carb jetting, etc.) you naturally suspect it's the problem/reason your bike won't start.  Whenever I think my magneto is the problem, I send it to Rudy Calin in Minnesota (Rebuilt Mags) to get it checked out . . .

 Rudy uses shrink tube to insulate the points spring.  The spring comes really close to the base plate, or screw heads sometimes . . . just good insurance against arcing or grounding. 
Rudy also replaced my condenser with the slightly snappier FM SXY2433 mfd.  I looked through my box of mag parts, and found I already had one . . . by Colt Industries (who purchased Fairbanks Morse Company)  Rudy also recharged my magnets !  Old Sparky Comes Alive !

(see my condenser output TECH chart soon)
I prefer these black caps with the "lightning bolt" or the old-time factory-made FM magneto caps.  The clear caps are handy to view your points breaking(or arcing), but they can allow sunlight to heat up condensation and moisture inside - also, I think they're just plastic?  Rudy has really nice & heavy cover gaskets available too . . .

Tryin' to keep ahead of a sled !