Help The Crewl Family

We were saddened to hear about Billy Crewl's wife Stephanie passing the other day. If you've ever attended the Hippy Killer Hoedown, you witnessed Billy, Stephanie and their children working side by side with The Notebooms. Billy is a hard-working individual that could use a little help. Please share and give what you can. The funds will be going to whatever Billy needs to raise their three young children; food, shelter, clothing, and monthly bills. Stephanie will be forever missed and is loved by all. She loved her four children and granddaughter; they were her whole world. -Lisa


Top End History

The Harley 45"
Simplicity at it's finest, and most likely the longest running H-D design now and forever.  From the late 1930s all the way to 1973 - they're still one of the best designs to ever come out of Milwaukee.
The 74" and 80" Sidevalves
Take the tried and true and trusted reliability of the 45" and make it bigger !
The K Model and KH Model
Take the basic good points and mannerisms of the flathead, unitize the engine block with the transmission, and add a healthy dose of cams, racing style carburetion, pop-up pistons and smoothed ports . .  and hold on !
Let's go Overhead !
Since 1936 - it's been the King of the Road for the H-D line.  Highly sought by collectors and retro chopper fiends...The Knucklehead in all it's glory.
The Beauty Queen . . . The Panhead
Arguably the engine that put H-D on the map.  Reliability and beauty at the same time.  The subject of songs, movies and the dream to just have one in the garage with your name on the title (even if it runs or not)  I just don't know why they never made it an 80 incher.....
The Tough Guy !
The end result of all it's forefathers . . . The Shovelhead kept the company's (no pun intended) head afloat and lost credo to the Evo as the savior.  But, ask any die hard old-timer wrench-n-rider and they'd rather run their shovel than the Evo any day.
The Evolution
It's taken many years, but it's early respect has morphed into the historical respect it deserves.  The "rock" of the H-D engine line - It's finally becoming a collector in it's own right.  Long live the Evo and welcome to the club !

S&S Air Cleaner (again)

I can see it now....I'm gonna end up with an S&S air cleaner on everything.  I made up another "B" series backing plate to adapt to my "E" series carburetor.... and it just rips now !  All kinds of response, and it just runs better (than the Linkert style, 7" round style).  That round air cleaner didn't like wind or rain much either - but I've never had a problem with the S&S teardrop in those conditions.  Now just need some nice weather.  I'm still riding short runs, so I fulfilled my 2017 goal again of riding every month.

Merry Christmas from the ChopCult Team
Merry Christmas and lots of love from our family to yours!

Have you checked out Painthuffer Metalflake's Giveaway Gas Tank yet?

Painthuffer Metalflake's giveaway gas tank is heading toward the home stretch, Click here to see a video update from Kyle Shorey at XECUTION STYLE.

Click here to enter.

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Choppahead's Holiday Party

TOMMOROW - Holiday party for all our family, friends, and customers! We’ll have food, beverages (adult & all ages), last minute gift specials , and good times! Plenty of jackasses too! Don’t spend your Saturday stressing and running around for gifts - come eat, drink and be merry with us! Specials will be all day and subject to @bigtruth‘s whim and level of sobriety! Party will be 2-6!!! - Choppahead

Enter to win PaintHuffer Metalflake's Custom Gas Tank

I have built an excellent working relationship with Brian Kennedy at Painthuffer Metalflake over the past few years. You see he provides a killer product for painters and if you know me you know how I love custom paint work and tank art! So it was easy to intertwine both worlds together and help showcase talented painters using CC's platforms. A few months back Brian realized he had an extra Throttle Addiction narrow sporty tank and thought it would be cool to bring a few of his sponsored painters together for a sweet giveaway. He called upon Stephen Gibson at Air, Oil, and Lead and Kyle Morely at XECUTION STYLE to create a one-of-a-kind gas tank like no other. Stephen went right to work paying homage to the great Frank Frazetta. Stephen is a master when it comes to airbrush work, and this tank is a prime example of his talent.

Kyle is in the paint booth putting the final touches on this beast, and it should be ready for a new home soon (photos coming soon). But Brian didn't stop there; he reached out to see if I'd be willing to give it away to a ChopCult member. Holy hell how does that happen? He could have just given it away through his channels and been done with it. Brian is all about giving back to the community and has supported ChopCult since day one. I want to request that whoever wins this tank that they never sell it. Pass it on to a friend or keep it and pass it on to a family member but never make a dime off of this giveaway. The reason is so many gave their time and talents to make this giveaway possible. Cool? If yes, please comment “I need this gas tank” in this thread In CC's Main Forum. It's that easy, and we'll announce the lucky member on January 1, 2019. Best of luck and thanks for being a member.

I want to thank the following folks that made this giveaway possible. Please do me a favor and support and follow them. –Lisa

Brian at Painthuffer Metalflake / @painthuffermetalflake /
Stephen at Air, Oil, and Lead / @airoilandlead /
Kyle at XECUTION STYLE / @xecutionstyle /
Throttle Addiction / @throttle_addiction /
House Of Kolor / @houseofkolor_ /
FBS Distirbution / @fbscustomtapes /
Createx Colors / @createcolors /
Iwata Offical / @iwata_airbrush /
Frazetta Girls / @frazettagirls /



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