TACO MOTO SATURDAY, August 5th 2017 (pt3/3)

Taco Moto Saturday

One more time, huge thanks to Alex's Bar for hosting this summers Taco Moto Tuesday! After a 20 year hiatus The Alley Cats are back at it and an amazing act to catch! Thanks again to everyone who came out, had a good time, and enjoyed the tacos!!! See you back on our regularly scheduled  Tuesdays...

One more pic of Assquatch! If you get the chance, you definitely want to see them live. They're playing @4thstreetvine all month long on Mondays. Catch a set!

and for good measure, a couple more pics of LadyHump. Because, obviously, you've found your way here, to the LadyHump blog! Cheers!!!

Make Friends, Not Fans

Follow IG @LadyHumpOfficial for future show dates.

Where to next? 

Let The Good Times Roll Brooklyn

ChopCult member Tim Vanderbas is a solid guy who builds some of the neatest bikes around. He always seems super stoked on life and those who surround him. He has recently dealt with news that his partner in crime/ girlfriend Lauren is ill and has a long road to recovery. "As some of you may have heard and known my partner/girlfriend, Lauren Cannoli was diagnosed with cervical cancer and possibly more as the tests come in, a few weeks back ago. In recent weeks she has undergone various tests and surgery to check suspect spots on multiple lymph nods, as well as moving her ovaries out of the way of possible chemo/radiation therapy, needed if this biopsy comes back positive. The good news is that the preliminary test from the surgery show that cancer was not found in the lower lymph nods nearest to the tumor in the cervix. We are currently waiting for the test results from the upper lymph nods that were sent to a lab to be further examined. At this stage, chemo may not be needed, but a hysterectomy will be performed at a date not yet known but is happening sooner than later.

Lauren has been out of work since the tests began July 13 and for the next few months will have long periods of being laid up in bed, not being able to go up and down stairs or be mobile much if at all for extended periods of times. We have not had many concrete answers if there are going to be payments not covered by her insurance towards all the tests, scans, surgeries and possible chemo treatments.

Lauren needs our help financially to take the burden off her month to month rent, bills, food and for prescriptions, etc. as she will have no means to pay for these things during the next few months. She has no paid leave or any income during this time. We will be updating you on her further treatments and her progress.

Thank you so much to all that have reached out with well wishes and support. Please come to Lauren's KickN' cancers ass N Keep On Rock N' Rolling Motorcycle/ Hot Rod Benefit Show!!!! Saturday, August 26 from noon - till as long as you make the party last!! We are located at 257 Kent St. Brooklyn, NY. 11222

There will be Awesome Bands, Dj's, raffles, stuff n things, an art auction, beer, booze and BBQ

If you would like to help out by sending art work or to donate other products to be raffled and or auctioned off please send to address above and also email/ call me."
Timothy (Vander)

New Feature:Cody Dunn's Hillbilly Spaceship

Check out ChopCult member Cody Dunn's Hillbilly Spaceship. Article and photographs by Liam Kennedy.

Taco Moto Saturday, August 5th 2017 (pt2/3)

Couple more pics from Alex's Bar, Long Beach CA., for Taco Moto Saturday! I'll post a couple more tomorrow if you just haven't had enough...

Let's Go Racing!!!!

Support The Spirit of Sturgis Vintage Motorcycle Festival at the Historical Sturgis Half Mile Race Track today! Located at 1802 Ballpark Road in Sturgis South Dakota for great vintage gypsy tours and antique flat track races.
Antique M/C Races & After Party - AUG 7th @ 4p
Gyspy Tour to AFT Pro Races - AUG 8th @ 4p
Gyspy Tour through Wyoming - AUG 9th @ 11a
Vintage M/C Dirt Drags & Hot Rod Show - AUG 10th @ 12p


We just want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to party with us, support the event, and make it another all-around successful year!  The venue change was huge, but it couldn't have went any smoother or trouble free; and that's thanks to all the amazing like-minded people that attend and make it what it is.  It wouldn't be possible without you, so thanks!!!  We also appreciate all the people that rode extremely long distances to join us!  Congrats to all the award winners, as well as the racers that took to the track.  Another strange year is in the books; tons of photos to come so stay tuned, and if anyone has any to share, send 'em on over to:

Carb Mock-up and Throttle Cable Routing

Alright, let's figure out the carb and see if these throttle cables will work on this frontend set-up.

The intake is still sealed up from
Jeff at Longbow Customs way back in December. All that has to go.

I have to take all this carb stuff out and apart to get at it.

A quick note, because I always forget, the main jet is 74.

On the hydraulic front end I was running, the cables went out, around, and through the trees to the left of the steering head. That's not really working this time.

I added this guide to the bars and it may or may not stay.

Running them on this side is getting closer to run-able.

Okay this might just work.

Final (temporary maybe?) routing, the throttle cables split over the brake line near the grip, go through the trees on the right, split around the brake again, split over the rockerbox oil line. Everything seems to work and clear all moving parts.

Front Brake Line for the Crossbones Springer with 16 ape hangers

I have already measured the extra length I need to be 6 inches longer than the hose I had. Which is odd because the stock Crossbones bars are supposed to be 12 inches and I am running 16's.

Let's get the rest of the DOT 4 out before I make another mess.

Take the banjo bolt loose to get the hose off.

Cover everything until I can get the proper hose built.

This is where my plans wrecked out again. I was planning to have a hose built locally, like before. Then, I made this discovery. The front brake line has this very specific section of hard line to route it from behind the trees and to the left of the front wheel. You have to have this section to do it correctly. A universal line won't work. Like hiding wires, just another place where a Springer is different than a hydraulic front end.

Luckily, with some internet searching, I found the part number for the 6 over line and found it available on clearance at Dennis Kirk. It was only $28 to my door. I doubt a locally made one could be had much cheaper.

I did buy fresh washer seals for the banjo bolts locally only to find the hose came with them. There were two big and two smaller ones. I used the small ones at the master cylinder and the large ones on the caliper.

Route it through.

Fit it up to the master cylinder. (I need to clean off the yucky clearcoat and put on fresh, but I want to make sure it works out first.)

The proper parts mean a good proper fit. Right in the guide and around the corner twice.

Right to the caliper.

All put together.

Torque the top banjo bolt to spec.

Wow. I never thought this would be an issue. I don't have a double hex socket in this size. I am really anal about torque in an aluminum hole and making sure it seals. Luckily my neighbor had the proper socket so that I didn't have to run to the store to get one. So that got torqued properly.

So I bleed the brake line and of course made a mess on the floor. The brake seems to function, but the lever has a ton of travel. The stock bore Harley MC is 9/16 bore = 0.563. My original plan was a 13mm Kawasaki MC = 0.512. I actually had a 1/2 in Kawasaki MC on had = .500. I will see how it goes. The bigger the MC bore the shorter the stroke needed.

I think the wiring is finished

The voltmeter is hooked up now.

This coil is wired correctly, but messy.

Much better.

The headlight feed is now hooked up.

Regulator needs hooked up.

This is a NOS Dixie regulator to go with my NOS stator.

I got Junior to help me. Just for a minute or two.

The regulator positive wire is a bit long.

Shortened with a new eye.

All wires done. Time to zip tie it all down.

Hopefully all of it works okay.

Taco Moto Saturday, August 5th 2017 (pt1/3)

Huge thanks to Alex's Bar for hosting this summers TACO MOTO SATURDAY!

August 5th with Lady Hump, Assquatch, and The Alley Cats!!!


The Alley Cats

 ...we now return you to our regularly scheduled Taco Moto Tuesday

Weekly meet spot and destinations @TacoMotoTuesday on IG

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