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Clapper Restoration

I took my friend Chad's rebuilt '65 panhead engine to him the other night . . . and the first thing you see when you pull up - is the lamp in the window.  Kinda hard to miss it...
His shop has many many projects in various states of repair....and dis-repair.  It's fun to check it all out.

Full scale auto projects, vintage 45s . . . GTOs with new, straight quarter panels.  Primer & paint.  Chad was welding up a frame for Zach's shovelhead chopper.

I had worked all day, then drove all the way over . . . and was too tired to really help out - so I just drank a couple beers with the boys instead.
Reid and Zach (above)

Lots of cool stuff to check out around here . . . This WLA is dubbed "Private Pile"

Win a custom sissy bar!

ChopCult member
Ria Schnell is a welder/fabricator from British Columbia, Canada. She has been welding for over five years and building custom sissy bars for four. Ria builds them in her home shop on the weekends. She has made over 200 custom bars for motorcycles across the continent. "My sissy bars are all custom made to fit your bike, If you have a crazy idea for a design, I want to build it." -Ria Schnell

Click here for the chance to win a custom sissy bar. We'll announce the winner on March 7th, best of luck! We would like to thank Ria for her kind donation.

Welcome BAKER Drivetrain to the ChopCult Family

We want to thank the fine folks at BAKER Drivetrain for joining the ChopCult family.
"Motivated by gearheads that demand the greatest performance, we are and always will be dedicated to premium drivetrain standards tailored for the American Big-Twin motorcycle community. We are 100% committed to using materials, labor, creativity, know-how and grit that is born or made in the USA. As a company standing on the forefront of innovation in our market, we feel it is our duty to keep this company on the leading edge with domestic integrity. Buy American, by Americans. Ride free, worry free."- BAKER

Check out BAKER Drivetrain's website for your next upgrade and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram for supporting our community. Thanks!

Snow Monkey vs. Minnesota Winter

I threw the banana ski on the Evil Monkey (my 1976 Honda Z50) and rode around on Saturday.  The snow was deep so I carved a track with my snow thrower.

Here are some action shots of me riding it (I posted some video on Instagram and Facebook):

Nothing beats the winter blues like a monkey bike with a banana ski.

New Tech Article: Build Custom Handlebars with Cry Baby Cycles

ChopCult contributor Josh Allison walks us through the process for fabricating a set of custom handlebars here. We want to thank Josh for putting together this tech article and his ongoing support!

2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Show

I wasn't sure if I was going to attend the 2019 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Minneapolis this year so I didn't apply for a press pass.  It had nothing to do with the show (I've attended every year since 2007) and more about this winter bumming me out.  The best thing about this particular show is it's timing - right in the middle of winter, when you can't ride (unless you have studded tires).  At least you can walk around, look at bikes, and sit on bikes.  It gets you looking forward to Spring.  I made the last-minute decision to go and took my son.

This year was a bit different than past years.  I always enjoyed the stunt show but they didn't have one.  Instead they had more interactive activities including riding electric bikes (both Zero Motorcycles for adults and Stability Cycles STACYC for kids) and a wheelie training machine.  My son tried out the Stability Cycle and had fun.

I tried out the wheelie machine because... why not.  You start on the bike on the right and it just lifts up and down on its own like a carnival ride while a guy explains what you should be doing.  Then you switch to the bike on the left where you actually have control.  It was weird.  I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never wheelied a full size motorcycle before (it's definitely on my to-do list).  Even with mini bikes, I've popped the wheel up lots of times but not really sustained a wheelie for any significant distance.  On the trainer, once I got the wheel up, it was oddly boring.  The setup was very safe so there was no danger and, while the rear wheel was spinning fast, I wasn't moving so it didn't feel like I was riding.  It seemed like a good way to practice the basic mechanics without any real world dangers but it didn't feel real to me.  I'm glad I tried it though.

As usual, there were a lot of custom bikes but, disappointingly, there weren't any choppers.  There are so many great local choppers but no one apparently entered them in the show.

Yes, Rick Fairless' chopper was there, but it was there last year too and it was technically part of an insurance display, not the custom builder competition.

The custom I really liked was this 1946 Indian Chief named "Stella's Mettle".

The main draw of the show is seeing brand new bikes from all the major manufacturers.  My favorite was the brand new 125cc Honda Monkey.  I love my 1976 Z50 "Evil Monkey" and I need to finish my 1977 Z50 chopper and restore the 1978 Z50 that I bought for my kids to ride.  The 2019 is really cool though.  Anyone want to buy me one?

The strangest new bike/trike I saw was the Yamaha Niken.  Don't get me wrong, I'd test ride anything, and this bike might be awesome, but it just looks really, really odd.  Look up photos and videos online.  It's unlike any other trike.

A very different type of 3-wheeler was this Vanderhall.  It looks way more retro than a Polaris Slingshot.

Confederate Motorcycles are so different than other customs.  They always seem very beefy and mechanical.

I'll wrap up with a few from the vintage section.

Next year, I'm not going to let winter get me down and I'll just plan to attend for my 14th year in a row.  See ya there!

Himalayan Heroes Starting Out

After a few days of getting our feet when in India, it was time for our first day of the official Himalayan Heroes tour. This meant meeting the people we were going to be spending the next couple of weeks with. It's always nerve wrecking meeting random people that you are going to be with 24 hours a days for 2 weeks. What if they are jerks or boring or even worse what if they find you boring or weird. Up until this point we only had a few names and the countries that they hailed from. Glen,  Phil,  and Duncan were British and Jonny was a Kiwi. That's all we had to go on haha.

We did some quick introductions over breakfast and instead of resting Charlie and I decided to join them to sight see in Old Delhi. Although we had just done this tour the day before, we decided it was important to get to know these dudes. Plus we could possibly show them around. I liked them from the get go. Funny and chatty was just the perfect company to keep a light fun trip!
After some very confusing conversations with not enough common language to communicate we secured 2 Tuk tuks to give us a ride to the city center. The pictures do some justice but just imagine a vehicle suited for two adults only pack in an extra body to make it a truly entertaining experience.
Once we got into the center of it all we decided that a rickshaw pedal tour was the way to go. And holy hell was it a gas. These guys had no fear as they pedaled there way into motorized traffic. Just pouring sweat in the mid day sun. I honestly felt bad for them. We are sitting back looking around as these guys are carting us around with fixed gear bicycles.... just crazy. They took us to many of the places I spoke of going in my last post only this time we decided to buy a bunch of spices and a few other small things.
The craziest part of the day was that at one point we just had them stop on what seemed like the busiest intersection of town. Just blocking all lanes of traffic. In the middle of all the maddness here are these tourists taking pictures of the red fort without having to get out of the tuk tuks... hahaha what assholes... Horns going off all around us people yelling and shaking their fists and  in the middle of it all us on carts snapping pictures. I honestly though we were just going to get hit ending our trip the minute it began.
All this excitement worked us up an appetite and unfortunately without someone with us to make recommendations we were worried about getting sick so, embarrassingly we ate McDonalds. We all figured as we went on we would get more adventurous but none of us wanted to start the trip shitting ourselves.
Upon return we all cooled off and did some max relaxation poolside. This is when Duncan started to teach us the sport of Cricket. He had his bat and had the hotel find him a ball. I think they came back with a tennis ball but alas it was enough to teach Charlie to hit. We would have sat out all night but the mosquitos started hunting us. Our guide Moti hurried us inside and we were confused until he explained the dangers or dengue fever in the region. That was enough for us to hear and in we went. Although I did spend the next few days terrified that one of those bites was going to lead to misery of dengue.
As our luck would have, and how it would continue on this trip, our plane was cancled and we would have to be up at 230am to bus it all the way to Manali. But that is a story for next time...

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: S&S Cycle - Stealth Teardrop Air Cleaner

The iconic S&S Cycle Teardrop air cleaner gets a Stealth makeover
Born in 1975 and arguably the most recognized big twin air cleaner on the planet, the classic S&S Cycle Teardrop looks as much at home on a knuckle as it does on a 2019 Bagger and S&S just made it even better. They are easy to install, easy to clean and in most cases CARB approved Stealth Air Cleaner has long been a staple for high performance induction (up to 6 hp gain on the M8!), the one thing it was missing was the full size teardrop cover (several exposed filter styles and a mini version of the teardrop are still available for the Stealth) .
The Folks at S&S Cycle have rectified that by mating their best air cleaner platform with their most popular air cleaner cover, creating the Stealth Teardrop. A tribute to the classic lines of the teardrop that look so right on the side of a bike combined with the high-tech and high-flow Stealth back plate/air filter brings the best of both worlds together. CARB approved and available for all 1999-2019 Harley Davidson big twin models and an easy install as well. Cover only kits also available for all existing S&S Stealth systems. Go to for more information.

Bike Feature: Cobra Awesome

 Check out Cobra Awesome built by CC member Rex Harris here. Article and photos by Benny Stucker.



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