Biltwell Inc. Helmet Show

We are very excited to announce that Biltwell Inc. is bringing their Helmet Show back to the Chopper Fest. Biltwell has sent their signature Lane Splitter helmets to the following artists to create one of a kind masterpieces. Some of the helmets will be up for sale with the proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Be sure to follow each artist on Instagram as they will be sharing progress photos from time to time. Big thanks to Biltwell for making this collaboration possible!

Jack "Pacman" McCann

You can find the helmet Show in the McBride Hall. 
See you soon!

Photos by Jeff Lisowski

Photos by Jeff Lisowski

Friendly reminder for vendors

If you would like to reserve your same spot or move closer please submit  your application and payment by October 10th. After that date your space will be open to vendors on the waiting list wishing to move closer towards the front. Thank you.

Photo by Jeff Lisowski of JP Rodman's bike and booth.

Are your vending this year?

Are you thinking about vending this year? If so, the time to register is now. Please go to to move forward. We sincerely appreciate your support over the years!

Caleb Owens / Cro Customs

Caleb Owens is one of many featured builders who will be on location this year. Caleb always goes above and beyond with his custom motorcycles and parts. He is currently building a custom Panhead for our friends at 805 Beer, and we can't wait to see it at the show . Do yourself a favor and swing by Caleb's booth during the day; you won't be disappointed. Follow Caleb's world at, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thank you!

We would like to thank you for helping our Instagram account surpass 20,000 followers! You guys RULE!

Ventura Nationals

Tory will be set up in the first building with Beautiful Disaster and Handsome Devil. Be sure to swing by his booth; he'd love to see you!

Help us welcome Gethen Jenkins to the Chopper Fest

 Photo Credit- Lindsay Lohden 
We are thrilled to welcome Gethen Jenkins to the Chopper Fest. Be sure to swing by the main stage to watch his performance.

With his powerful, gut wrenching, baritone sound, Gethen Jenkins is on a fast train to stardom. Gethen is an award winning singer and songwriter from Huntington, West Virginia. His songs are of considerable depth and meaning, driven by passion, and full of heart and spirit which is sure to run the gamut of human emotions.

“The relationship between the listeners and music is what I feed on.”

Gethen’s journey began surrounded by American music, from the purest of Bluegrass to whiskey soaked Honkytonk. Music took hold at the age of eight, beating on his dad’s Gibson guitar. His teenage years were spent in Galena, a rural Indian village on the Yukon River, deep in the Alaskan tundra. After eight years in the U.S. Marines, Gethen landed in Southern California. Returning from Iraq, determined to sing his own songs, he found a home in Country Music with his five piece band The Freightshakers (since revamped as Gethen Jenkins). Over the next several years Gethen immersed himself in his music, working hard to create a unique sound keeping true to his roots.

“This hard-driving, honky-tonk group lead by Gethen Jenkins is a perfect way to spend any night, wherever it may take you.” – National Country Review

Recognizing Gethen Jenkins as a promising talent in Country Music, Five Music and Sony RED approached him in 2016 to join the label. The 805 Beer Brand has also taken notice of Gethen and offered him an endorsement with their lifestyle brand kicking off with a billboard campaign Spring 2017 spanning from California to Texas. In conjunction, Sony will release a six song digital EP titled “Where the Honkytonk Belongs” in July 2017. Gethen is currently in the studio working on his latest album slated to be released Spring 2018.

With a restless creative spirit and natural born drive to connect with people, it looks like the best is yet to come!

You can stream the new EP Where the Honkytonk Belongs here, and visit for any additional information.You can also follow Gethen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

"If You Build It They Will Come" Motorcycle Show

Make sure to enter your bike in the "If You Build It They Will Come" Motorcycle Show. All brands, antiques, and customs are invited to take part. The first place and best of show winners will receive a custom trophy created by Sonny Boy. Click here to enter.
Photo by Josie Perez.

Join Us on December 10, 2017

The time has come once again! Join us on December 10, 2017, for the 14th Annual David Mann Chopper Festival. We are gladly welcoming supporters, motorcycle related and swap meet vendors, and bike show entries. Please to go to get involved. We appreciate everyone's ongoing support.
David &Tory



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