You know it's funny when...

"The Boys are back in town... 
The Boys are back in town.... 
oh oh oh oh ohhhh o' o' ohhhh..."


ChopCult Instagram giveaway from Biltwell Inc.

Our good friends at Biltwell Inc. have donated two of their EXFIL-7 bags to give away. 
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One of the Epic ones..

Such a beauty. Yeah the bike is cool too, I miss it.  

2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition - Part 2

The 2015 Oil & Ink Vintage Motorbike Print Exposition drew primarily a cafe racer sort of crowd and Billy was busy promoting Ton-Up Minneapolis' Spring Social on May 30th.  I've attended the last few years and it's fun so check it out!

He seemed to find it amusing to introduce me to everyone he could.  That is... when he wasn't busy giving this guy some sort of bizarre hug / back massage.

A few crowds shots:

You might notice Jordan from Union Speed & Style in that last one.  The shot's pretty blurry, but here he is having fun 2-up on 2 wheels.

As for actual motorcycles, there were some cool ones.  I liked this Moto Guzzi owned by the guy Billy was awkwardly hugging earlier.

This Triumph looked nice and clean:

Another Moto Guzzi:

And yet another Italian, this time a Ducati:

Road rash:

Very cool Yamaha:

Out of everyone, these two seemed to having the most fun.

I ended up leaving just as thunderstorms rolled through Minneapolis. I got soaked for the first half of ride home until I got ahead (or maybe just to the side) of it.  Lots of lightning was flashing in the distance, which was pretty cool.  While I try to avoid riding in the rain, it actually feels nice every once in a while.

If you live in Paris, San Francisco, Ventura, Brooklyn, or Nashville, be sure to catch the Oil & Ink expo as it comes through!

Rizz n Kev adventures at Throttle Roll 2015

Day 5n6 
Well after a great time @throttleroll ! We headed down to bondi at 
Stuart Torkington garage ! Unfortunately Marky Rizz shovel went there in a pickup ... with welding n almost taking the reg off , it was discovered that the main problem was a switch ! We celebrated like kids n drank beers ,the stuffed beaver in bondi is a great spot for grub too , hangin out w these boys was great we continued in the night at the royal , after a late night skinny dip i was ready for more ! Time for a boogie n some table dancing ! Brilliant time .... rizzo and i have meet new friends n got to hang with the best ! We thank sydney ..
Big thanks to our brothers Troy White stuart Torkington for there help n hospitality ! You guys rock !

Throttle Roll pics by  My Media Sydney (cheers for letting us post em)

New product from Biltwell Inc.

Check out Biltwell Inc's latest creation: The EXFIL-7 BAG

Overview: EXFIL is military parlance for "exfilltrate," which means, "Get the hell out of there as fast and organized as possible." EXFIL-7 is the first component in our rugged, function-forward line of collapsible transport and storage gear for action-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts. Unlike model-specific luggage for adventure bikes or the wild west-themed satchels popular with retro chopperheads, the Biltwell EXFIL-7 combines modern materials and construction with military-tested retention and expansion technology to create luggage that works even tougher than it looks. The "7" in this bag's name refers to the number of 12-oz. beer cans that can be stored and transported in its padded main compartment. Other Biltwell EXFIL bags will utilize this naming convention to help riders calculate the volume of equipment every bag will carry. 

Construction: Coated weather-resistant nylon pack cloth exterior with heavy-duty polyester thread at all joints and seams. One-inch-wide nylon modified MOLLE system on perimeter panels and back for strap placement, custom tie-down locations and multi-purpose mounting. One main and two pocket compartments with YKK nylon zippers. Cast alloy zipper pulls with polyester knotted rope extenders for easy operation with gloves. Double-thick exterior walls and lid construction with internal padding for protection and durability. Antique brass drain grommets on floor panel for moisture evacuation. 1.25-inch-wide sinch straps with heavy-duty nylon quick-release buckles help secure load after packing to reduce movement and rattling. Mil-spec orange interior panels on main and secondary compartments for enhanced materiel search and recovery inside the bag.  

Compartment dimensions:

• Main: 11" wide x 5.75" deep x 4.75" wide
• Large pocket: 9.75" wide x 5.75" deep with 8.0" opening
• Small pocket: 5.75" wide x 4.25" deep with 4.5" opening

Fitment: Like other DIY parts and accessories in our line, the EXFIL-7 is customizable for different applications and mounting locations. On our personal bikes we've mounted heavily laden EXFIL-7 bags on the frame's down tubes, above the headlight on tall and mid-sized handlebars, and of course on both sides of our sissy bar (in front of the taillight and behind the rider's lower back.) EXFIL-7's MOLLE strap configuration and four reinforced leather straps with nickel-plated buckles easily facilitates this wide range of mounting options.
MSRP: $59.95

S.T.D. - June 6, 2015 - Howl and Prowl - Bisbee, Arizona

Sat. June, 6th #33member Old Shit Rules presents a night of vintage motorcycles and choppers at the famous St. Elmo Bar in historic Bisbee, AZ.  Prizes including Biltwell helmets and more will be awarded to top chopper, vintage, peoples choice and more.  Tons of goodies donated by our gracious sponsors will be raffled and given away, with live music throughout the night. Bisbee offers plenty of eats, drinks, hotels and culture so plan on staying the night.  Also, a down to earth after party and campout will be held in nearby Naco, AZ. Festivities start at 6 PM.  come early and stay late.

Fuel Cleveland Photos 2015

Photo by: Jay Cagney
Fuel Cleveland has gone and past but if you are like me, you want to go back and drink it all in just a little more. I tried to put together a solid amount of photos from the show that I took along with adding some photos from other photographers that were at the show. The coolest part about inviting so many of the best motorcycle photographers in the country is seeing their outlook on how the show happened through their eyes. The content being shot is the same, but nothing is truly ever seen the same way. I think that's what I love that most about photography so much. I believe you will really see what I am saying pretty clearly here, enjoy!

The Gasbox at Whiskey Grade's grand opening party Friday May 8th.

Cicero DeGuzman and Jeff aka Shineboy roaming streets of Cleveland May 8th

Josh Scott of Old School Helmets enjoying some Cleveland's finest Gelato. May 8th

Alex from Strange Cycles flying down West 25th. May 8th
Jermey Cupp's Ducati/Buell/Triumph hybrid Photo by: Dan Venditto
Jermey Cupp's company is called LC Fabrications. LC stands for his wife's initials a tradition he kept in the family after his father named his company also with the initials of his wife, Jermey's mom.

Jermey's innovative build had heads turning and every camera pointed at it all day
Photo by: Dan Venditto 
Meeting of the minds. Photo by: Dan Venditto
Photo by: Doug Ewing
Walter Gemeinhardt's 1942 WLA
Walter has owned this bike for over 15 years but rebuilt it in only 30 days right before last years Race of the Gentlemen

Michael Geltz beautiful 83 FLH

Michael getting the star treatment about his bike he brought to Fuel Cleveland. Photo by: Doug Ewing
Photo by: Ken Carvajal
Pat Patterson from Led Sled Customs 2013 Evo

Photo by: Dan Venditto

Photo by: Heath Braun
Little cleaning before the show opens up
Greg Grohola brought this Xs650 with his Papa Glide
Most brilliant tank design! Greg Grohola's Papa Glide.
Ken Carvajal teaching his son the finer things to photography. Photo by: Matt Aims
Todd Muller's Triumph 
Photo by: Ken Carvajal 
Photo by: Matt Aims
Ed Vanaman '74 Ducati 750 with only 945 original miles on it.
Keino Sasaki is a legend and true innovator when it comes to building 2 wheeled machines. A real honor to have one of his bikes on display and to meet him in person.

Ken Carvajal lil man drawling inspiration from Keino's build, Photo by: Ken Carvajal

Bruce Lindsay rode this 1911 Detroit motorcycle into and out of the show, truly a piece of history and art.
I can't count how many times people said they wanted to take this shovel home built by Scott Johnson
Even Warren Heir's little guy wanted to take it home. Photo by: Virginia Hall 
Little guy digs his dad's bike too! Photo by: Doug Ewing

This is what I love so much about Fuel, Family, Art, Motorcycles and True Happiness!
Photo by: Doug Ewing
Frankie Bowman drove all the way from Florida to show of this crazy good Ironhead!
Photo by: Virginia Hall

Photo by: Jay Cagney
Photo by: Ken Carvajal 
Photo by: Matt Aims
Shawn Long's 52 pan got a lot of heads turning during the show. Real piece of moving artwork. 

Photo by: Ken Carvajal 
Photo by: Virginia Hall
I think Jim Kavelec's BMW arsenal was in full effect at Fuel! It was so cool to see so many of these classic BMW in one place.

Tyler Malinky's Poison Ivy race bike 

Tyler Malinky's Sat Ghost Photo by: Doug Ewing

Photo by: Ken Carvajal

Tyler Malinky's Electra Glide

Bill Balcer's 1927 HD Model S Peashooter. This thing is unreal and so cool to see running.

Photo by: Ken Carvajal 
Photo by: Ken Carvajal

Open heads by Paul Cox. 

Paul Cox's bike was another head turner, everyone stopped to stare for a very long time. Photo by: Ken Carvajal
Marcus Ellis' has one of my all time favorite Shovelheads! this bike is so clean and sounds too good sometimes! 
Panheads forever. Steve Davis built this thing just right.
Tim Wise '45 Knucklehead built and completed just days before Fuel Cleveland.

Photo by: Heath Braun

Photo by: Ken Carvajal
Lowside Syndicate was gracious enough to bring this amazing Shovelhead built by Kyle Meure and owned by Tyler Pedersen who couldn't make it to the show because he is over seas protecting our freedom. Thank you Tyler for everything you do for us back here in the states, and come home safe.
Outside had some pretty awesome bikes that came out as well. 

Photo by: Heath Braun
Photo by: Heath Braun

Photo by: Heath Braun
Photo by: Heath Braun
Photo by: Ken Carvajal

Photo by: Dan Venditto
Photo by: Dan Venditto



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