xl600r cafe/road racer

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Commented on 8-21-2009 At 12:19 am

That is an awesome machine.

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Thank you!!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!!!

It's awesome to watch our community pull together in the time of need!

The inaugural Roll Out For Rose took place on April 30th, 2016. Over 100 folks came out to ride hard, and another 100+ arrived later in the evening to spend big and help us do some serious good... raising over $15,000+ to support Rose and her family! Thank you to everyone who made this first event such a huge success! We look forward to seeing you again next year! - Team Rose

Have you entered the DIXXON FLANNEL CO. Giveaway?

Dan Dreyer, the owner of DIXXON FLANNEL CO., would like to offer one 33 member a free DIXXON FLANNEL CO. prize pack. The winner will receive 3 DIXXON flannels of their choice, in stock, while supplies last. You can enter by commenting on this thread, the winner will be chosen tomorrow (5/5/2016) afternoon!

Kindly follow Dan on Facebook and Instagram for his kind offer.


Biltwell RIDE TO THE PINES (pt. 2/3)

More pictures from Biltwell's RIDE TO THE PINES (no. 2) on Saturday, April 30th 2016
100 mile ride from Auburn to Placerville through the hills via the Union Valley Reservoir


Taco Moto Tuesday takes us once again to Don The Beachcomber! And they deserve a huge thanks for going the extra mile and dishing out $1 tacos for our group on Taco Moto Tuesday!!! For info on future dates/locations follow @kultofspeed on the IG.

Lady Hump's recommendation is the Zombie. Damn delicious!!! Two will do you, but three will put you to sleep! Either that or I'll gladly admit to being the lightweight...

New product from Throttle Addiction

Throttle Addiction is excited to offer 30+ color combos of USA made cloth covered wire. The wire is constructed of stranded copper core and covered in a PVC coating before the fire resistant cotton braid is applied. It's the best of both worlds; vintage looks with modern performance! This is just the stuff to put that finishing touch on your moto project.

Remember, all orders over $99 ship free in the USA!

Biltwell RIDE TO THE PINES (pt. 1/3)

Took a ton of pictures at Biltwell's RIDE TO THE PINES (2) the day before the NorCal Swap Meet. Here's the final ride destination, BONES ROADHOUSE (4430 Pleasant Valley Road, Placerville, CA.) super good food and great people!

Congratulations to Matt Davis

Congratulations to ChopCult Instagram follower Matt Davis for winning the DIXXON FLANNEL CO. flannel prize pack. Big thanks to Dan for making the first giveaway possible. I'll announce the thread winner on Friday, May 5, 2016, in the afternoon.

Good luck!


Lincoln Electric Welder Prize Packs - Fuel Cleveland 2016

Cleveland is home to a lot of great businesses that support the work force and blue collar industries of the world. Lincoln Electric is at the top when it comes to creating tools to helping the work force of America right here in Cleveland. One of their biggest passions that most may not know, is the DIY home fabricator, the guy that can take nothing and make it into something truly beautiful right in his backyard garage. For this reason alone Lincoln Electric has been a supporter of Fuel Cleveland since the beginning. When they came to us with the idea to give the opportunity for not one but two winners of a prize pack worth over $4500 each of their equipment to help that DIY home fabricator, we couldn't have been more thrilled to say yes.

What we decided to do with these amazing prize packs from Lincoln Electric should make everyone excited. The first prize pack we will be awarding at the show to one lucky invited bike builder, deeming them with "The Best Fabricator Award" via guest judging. The second prize pack we wanted to offer a chance for one lucky show attendee to win via a random drawling. If you visit the Fuel Cleveland merch booth the day of the show you can purchase a Fuel Cleveland sticker for $5 and receive one free entry for your chance to win the entire prize pack. The stickers are only being sold at the show and the winner will be drawn at 7pm. You will not have to present to win!

What is in this prize pack you ask!? Check it out.

To start off they are giving you A premium Welder Helmet, welding doo-rag, Full Leather SteelWorkerâ„¢ Welding Gloves, Roll Cage® Welding Rigging Gloves, safety glasses, split leather welding sleeves, a welding jacket and to keep everything together a Lincoln Electric duffle bag.


A POWER MIG® 210 MP Welder

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