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I've had a plan to build me a custom king and queen seat for my motorbike for awhile now, but couldn't seem to find the time to do it. It's a pain in the ass. I got tired of having a seat bungee corded to my frame like some clown. That said, I consulted my adviser of chemical reaction, Danny and my adviser in terms of technical proficiency, Josh and got to stepping. I planned on mounting the seat to my existing seat hinge up front, to allow me to switch back to my solo seat if I ever got the urge. So I cut some 16 gauge steel for the front section where it mounts to the hinge. Wasn't sure how strong the fiberglas was going to be. Drilled some holes in the pan to allow it to rest on the seat spring spud jams. Also, at Josh's request, drilled some 3/8 holes randomly in the pan so the resin could flow through and bond to the other side. Covered everything up with masking tape, then saran wrap so the fiberglass would pop off once hard. Fiberglass is nasty and stinks. But quite enjoyable. I built it up a layer at a time until I had it about 1/4" thick. Then sanded and trimmed it down. Turned out pretty good, I think and it's pretty damn hard. I realized I need to trim the front section down a bit so it follows the line of the rails. I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks, so the plan is to drop it off at the upholsterer and hopefully it'll be done when I get back. Party scene. Out.

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new HEAVY tee

asechiah bogdan, guitarist and artist of ((wind hand)) did this killer design for HEAVY!! I've know asechiah for years now and to reconnect on something for HEAVY is a mindblower!! purple/blue fade print on blk tee. in store now! >>

The patch that started the great "Internet War of 2015"...

I'd like to offer a public apology to all those that this patch has really offended. It seems that the Internet has taken an instant hatred toward this notion of "DENIM VESTS" now being a "CRIME?" And that's whether they were made as a vest, or, if they were altered from a jacket into a vest. So, before there's any social media flash mob attack against Lady Hump HQ, please accept my public apology.

Sometimes, the butts you hurt the most. Are your own.

You would think, after all this time. People would understand that the Lady Hump is about the jokes...

Sure the patches are real, but so is the humor.

Fixing the 1500 Vulcan Alternator

So the stator is bad. I got to doing research on a replacement. The regulators are the same part number for inner and outer. That makes since, but the stators show two part numbers and some aftermarket units show either fitment. So what's the difference? Denny606 had it figured out. The stator are basically the same, but the length of the wires are different. Here's a side-by-side comparison(image stolen from ebay) not the case joint rubber location specifically.

So Talon sent me an inner to see if I could make it work as an outer.

The shift lever and cover need to come off.

The bolts are different lengths so take note of the order.

This bad stator doesn't look too awfully smoked out.

One of the ignition pick-ups needs to be removed. Curiously, it's not marked as JIS with a dot, but it was a JIS based on my fit tests.

If you want to work on Japanese bikes then you need JIS screwdrivers. This one is a Vessel Impacta. It's got the impact driver built in. I don't think I could have gotten this thing about without it.

Another hold down.

I have the No. 3 version of the Impacta as well.

The backside looks a little more smoked out.

Yep. Definitely a shorter lead.

I'm not real sure if I will need to solder a longer lead on or what. But the outer wrap outside the case rubber needs to go.

The case rubber was originally stuck in position. I poked an awl around each of the wires in the rubber and I managed to get the rubber to come loose and slide up and down the wires. Perfect!

Put everything back together.

Put the dowel in the main case and gasket on the dowels. If you try it the other way, the magnet of the rotor will pull the gasket off the outer cover every attempt to put it together.

Don't forget the shifter pivot, too.

Don't pinch these wires either.

So I have it together.  I left the plug on it so I can use the other regulator to check the stator. I should have checked the outer regulator with the inner stator before I cut the plug off the outer regulator.

WHEW HOO! The stator is charging fine with the inside regulator.

So now I need to solder it to the outer stator wires.

Looking good.

HOORAY!! This rigged up stator/regulator combo charges great, well over 14 volts. Even over 14 volts with both alternators hooked up and the spots running, too. Success.


Webster Hall Presents

Electric Wizard with special guests Satan’s Satyrs

Thursday, Apr 02, 2015 8:00 PM EDT (7:00 PM Doors)
Webster Hall, New York, NY
18 years and over

2015 Hazzard County Calendar

That time again already? Yep.

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