weekend a la cruz

Cruz skateshop rules. every year they host an annual party weekend over their anniversary. its owned by two friends of mine. Sandy Cruz and Gordon Eckler. between the two of them, its all skateboards and roller derby gear.

so this year the party included an eating contest, a wallride contest, and a dice (3's) contest (which my body told me to slow down and sleep for 17 hours straight thru the dice contest, dinner, and the rest of the night into morning.) fuck it, i saved money.

wall ride ramp specs. 2ft tall 6ft wide. 40 degree angle. simple??? maybe.

welcome to wallenberg.

this was a make at 14 ft. oudalay rules.

adrian ripped 14ft as well.

those two tied at 14 ft and it was totally insane. push push push...push push push

the day after the wall ride contest, oudalay was back in action... the contenders last supper

yabo barfo. 7 corn dogs and 7 beers

this guy won, simply tricking his competition by hiding the corndog sticks under his napkin. false sense of security amongst the table. i cant remember what he ate/drank. 13 corn dogs and 3 beers maybe?

thanks gordo and sandy for a ruling weekend!!!

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